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  •     QAD Glossary

  • New and Changed Features
    Creating Master Comments for a Configurable Item
    You can use Master Comment Maintenance (1.12) to record comments about a configurable item.
    Master comments can be used to add configuration descriptions. The configuration descriptions can be printed on documents such as sales quotes, sales orders, invoices, or packing lists.
    For a configurable item, the master comments can be defined with feature names to show feature options.
    Item master comments can be entered for multiple languages.
    Creating a Variant Supplier Item
    In the Enterprise Material Transfer (EMT) process, supplier item is the cross-reference to convert Primary Business Unit (PBU) SO line items into Secondary Business Unit (SBU) SO line items. Now you can use Supplier Item Maintenance (1.19) to create a variant supplier item.
    In Configurable Item Maintenance, make sure that the fields Variant Item-Site Record and Site Variable are selected correctly for the configurable item.
    Use Supplier Item Maintenance (1.19) to create a supplier-item relationship.
    Use Configuration Questionnaire to create a variant item. When the variant item is created, the variant supplier item is there as well.
    Sales Configuration Rules Enhancements
    There are several improvements for setting sales configuration rules.
    You can preset default values for features.
    You can control whether rule assignment can be overwritten by question respondents.
    If the field Allow User Override is selected, the system allows the rule assignment to be overwritten when question respondents answer questions in the Questionnaire.
    You can use empty cells in rule table conditions; an empty cell in an IF clause means that any feature option is OK for the condition.
    Show Low-Level Questions
    Previously by default, no more than ten levels of questions could be displayed on the Questionnaire. Now by default, up to 100 levels of questions can be displayed.
    Always Reprice the Configuration
    In customizing the questionnaire, the field Reprice the configuration is used to specify whether to reprice the configuration when you load an existing one. Now by default, the configuration price is always recalculated based on current component prices.
    Cost Roll-up Control in Configuration Rebuild
    By using Variant Item Cost Roll-Up in Configuration Rebuild, you can control whether to rebuild configurations with cost roll-up. Now by default, in rebuilding a variant item, the system does not modify any cost data of the variant item.
    Performance Enhancements for Configuration Rebuild
    There are some performance improvements to configuration rebuild.
    Performance Enhancements for Configuration Questionnaire
    There are some performance improvements to the Questionnaire.
    Usability and Layout Improvements in Questionnaire
    Now the questionnaire is more user-friendly.
    You can bring up a browse on the questionnaire by using shortcut keys Alt+B.
    When you do text search, your search box dynamically presents suggestions and auto-completes the queries.
    The questionnaire layout is also more visually effective.
    There is less white space on the questionnaire layout.
    The logical features appear in one line.
    Tabs that have no features do not appear.
    For existing configurations, standard configurations, and the configuration browse, there is a line separating the header data from the configuration feature options.