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  • Release Notes for Release 4.4.2
    QAD Configurator Version: 4.4.2
    Release Date: April 2009
    QAD Product Suite Compatibility: eB2.1 SP4, QAD 2007, QAD 2007.1, QAD 2008 Standard, QAD 2008.1 Standard
    Note: During the product life cycle, QAD changed the name of the former MFG/PRO eB2.1 product to QAD 2008 Standard. Individual releases of QAD 2008 Standard are identified by a decimal number; for example, QAD 2008.1 Standard. (The Service Pack 5 and 6 releases were branded as QAD 2007 and QAD 2007.1, respectively.) The Enterprise Financials version of the product is called QAD 2008 Enterprise and follows the same convention of identifying individual releases with a decimal number.
    These release notes describe the most significant changes and fixes introduced with this version of QAD Configurator.
    QAD Configurator 4.4.2 is a maintenance release of the 4.4.1 version. All 4.4.x releases of Configurator only support GUI and feature the web-based questionnaire while the 5.x releases fully support the QAD .NET UI. This release includes the following changes and fixes:
    Fixed the German language data file.
    API errors are now recorded in the WebSpeed log file instead of in separate files.
    Fixed the Progress error during the load package process.
    Fixed the No sod_det error that occurred during the process of answering the .NET UI questionnaire.
    The Analyzer now displays clear and precise error messages when the questionnaire path and variant item number are not set.
    Enhanced the web-based questionnaire to support rule tables.
    Fixed an error in rule table linear interpolate calculations.
    Added rule table descriptions to the Help icon in the web-based questionnaire.
    The system now displays a warning message and exits the web-based questionnaire when the generic item is not analyzed.
    Sample ubroker file is provided for reference during the installation process.
    Added the Configurator .NET UI plug-in for .NET UI 2.5.3.
    The system has been modified so that only the last rule table rule involving default values are applied.
    Rule and rule table errors are fixed for the German language version.
    Performance of Analyzer and questionnaire loading has been improved.
    Remote Analyzer on the AppServer is now available.
    A set of proxy files have been added to allow local calls to the service APIs for performance improvement.
    Fixed character issues in answer-all XML requests.
    Added the summary report function in the summary page of the .NET questionnaire.
    Rounding method errors have been fixed.
    Variant directory changes are now automatically applied to variant file generation.
    Locked configurable items are now checked by the system.
    Summary report print errors have been fixed.
    Script errors that occurred when the configurable item is locked have been fixed.
    Feature search criteria can now be properly displayed on the first page of the web questionnaire.
    You can now configure pt_pm_code in product configuration rule maintenance.
    The feature option browse has been implemented.
    Non-ISO characters are now encoded in URL using utf-8.
    A progress bar indicating the progress of creating new configurations or reloading existing configurations has been added.
    Web questionnaire has been modified so that expired price lists cannot be selected.
    The browse button on the web questionnaire is now hidden when the browse is not available.
    The sales order and sales quote line rules are enabled.
    The duplicated rule check issue has been fixed.
    A random URL parameter v has been added to disable the web browser cache.
    The “** Incompatible data types in expression or assignment. (223)” error has been fixed.
    Clicking a blank area now no longer causes a pricing window to pop up unexpectedly.
    The questionnaire now displays configuration description in the existing configurations list.
    The error that makes you unable to return to the Existing Configurations tab in some occasions has been fixed.
    Variant Item has been added as a new search criterion for searching existing configurations.