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  •     QAD Glossary

  • Configuring the Delivery Server
    QAD CRM ships with a web archive file named qadcrmwebclient.war, which resides in the folder QADCRMInstall\Webclient\backend. The file needs to be copied in the delivery server’s Tomcat webapps folder; note that CRM only supports Apache Tomcat. After copied, the .rar file is extracted automatically by Tomcat within a few seconds. However, in case you find the file is not extracted automatically, you need to restart Tomcat for QAD CRM Webapp named qadcrmwebclient to be installed.
    Once CRM Webapp gets created on Tomcat, you will get a directory structure similar to the one shown below:
    qadcrmwebclient/qadcrm: QAD CRM 6.5 Webapp folder
    Note: This is user-defined and can be named as per user's own choice) However note that all the references to this folder in the links specified in this document need to be changed accordingly once you change the name of this folder.
    This holds the CRM Webclient application image (including sub-folders and components).
    qadcrm.prowcapc and other component cab files including the files
    qadcrmwebclient/images: contains supporting image files
    qadcrmwebclient/WEB-INF: contains supporting files for Webapp
    qadcrmwebclient/web_image: Initially empty but created to hold the Progress software webclient image which needs to be copied in this folder so that client machines can download automatically, if required. Contents in this directory need to be copied from the following CRM installation directory:
    Where 10xx is the Progress version with which you plan to use CRM 6.5.
    Once you have copied the software on the Tomcat webapp folder, two files need to modified in web_image folder to reflect the correct path of CRM software and Progress weclient software as per your configuration. These two files that need to be modified are:
    Modifying the bootstrap.htm File
    In the bootstrap.htm file, search for the string qaddemo and you will find the following references that need to be changed:
    document.location.href =""
    Replace the string "" in the above line with "< Deployment Server Hostname>:<Tomcat Port number>" based on your own server and tomcat setup. The qadcrm folder refers to the Tomcat webapps folder where QAD CRM Webclient will be deployed. The file qadcrm.prowcapc is a Progress Webclient file that you will need to copy from the CRM deployment server to the delivery server (where Tomcat is installed) in later steps.
    window.location = ""
    Modify the URL in the above line to reflect the path of the web-client.htm file as per your configuration.
    Modifying the webclient.htm File
    In the bootstrap.htm file, search for the string qaddemo and you will find the following reference that need to be changed:
    ether.SetProperty("ProwcappURL", "");
    Modify the URL in the above line to reflect the correct path of the qadcrm.prowcapc file in your configuration.
    Modifying the web.xml file
    This step is required to associate the Progress Webclient application with the .prowcapc file extension, so that the CRM Webclient installation will launch correctly on the client PC:
    Locate the <Tomcat_install_dir> /conf/web.xml file.
    Locate <mime-mapping> in the <web-app> section.
    As the last mime mapping add the following:
    Save web.xml.