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  • Configuring the Environment for Sales Order Integration
    QAD CRM uses CIM to create sales orders in QAD Enterprise Applications. If you plan to use this feature, use the AppServer from the QAD Enterprise Applications machine.
    You must also perform the following configuration in your test and production environments, and then refer to the QAD CRM Administration Guide to complete further configuration steps required for sales order integration.
    Do either of the following:
    If your QAD Enterprise Applications is installed on a Linux\UNIX system, copy QADCRMInstallDir\bin\ as to QADERPInstallDir/script (where all QAD Enterprise Applications batch files are available).
    If your QAD Enterprise Applications is installed on Windows, copy QADCRMInstallDir\bin\client_cim_win.bat as client_cim_prod_win.bat to QADERPInstallDir/script (where all QAD Enterprise Applications batch files are available).
    Open the copied file in an editor and make sure the DLC and PROPATH entries have valid values. For example in case of Linux/UNIX, it should look like this:
    &DLC = /home/progress/dlc101c
    &PROPATH =
    If QAD QXtend is installed, open the copied file in an editor and include the QXtend Outbound install directory in the beginning of the propath:
    &PROPATH =
    Modify the paths of the following files in the file: This parameter file should be replaced by the one that connects the QAD CRM and QAD Enterprise Applications prod databases and qxevents database if QXtend is installed in your environment. You need to create one if you cannot use any existing .pf file.
    pintord02.r file located in the QADERPInstallDir/qadcrm/prod/integration/mfgpro directory.
    Create a printer record for Sales Order Integration in QAD Enterprise Applications using the following steps:
    Run QAD Enterprise Applications.
    Go to Printer Setup Maintenance (36.13.2) and create a printer record with the following details:
    Output To:
    Destination Type: Default
    Description: sfama
    Lines / Page: 66
    Scroll Output: No
    Device Pathname: /tmp/
    Spooler: No
    Leave the rest of the fields blank.