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  •     QAD Glossary

  • Installing QAD CRM on End User PC
    Before setting up QAD CRM clients, verify that you have met the following prerequisites:
    System requirements for QAD CRM. See System Requirements.
    Your network is operating.
    Create the folder C:\temp on your client PC if a it does not exist.
    You have permission level required on your PC to install new application such as QAD CRM Webclient, which requires access to update the Windows registry file.
    The installation of QAD CRM WebClient on end user PC consists of two steps:
    Install Progress WebClient (if not already installed).
    Install QAD CRM.
    Once you have finished hosting your CRM WebClient application .cab files on Delivery Server (a Tomcat server), do the following:
    Start the Internet Explorer.
    Go to this URL:
    For example, if you have hosted the application on a delivery server and Tomcat Port no. is 8080 and the QAD CRM Webapps name is devcru93crmf in the Delivery server Webapps directory, your download URL would look something like this:
    If Progress WebClient is not installed on your machine, Internet Explorer displays the Progress WebClient and QAD CRM installation page.
    Click the Install button to launch the installation process.
    It installs the required version of Progress webclient application, then launches the CRM Webclient application download and eventually starts the CRM.
    Note: You might be required and prompted to restart your PC after Progress Webclient has been installed.
    If you already have Progress WebClient installed on your machine, the installer displays a warning message and prompts you to exit.
    Exit the installer and go to the following URL to proceed to download the CRM WebClient application:
    At the Security Warning message box, click Run to launch the QAD CRM installation process.
    When installation is complete, a QAD CRM WebClient icon is created on the Windows Desktop. QAD CRM WebClient shortcut menus are also created.
    QAD CRM WebClient: Launch QAD CRM in the WebClient mode.
    QAD CRM WebClient AppManager: View detailed information about QAD CRM WebClient installed on your machine, such as configuration file and application directory.
    Uninstall QAD CRM WebClient: Uninstall QAD CRM WebClient from your machine.
    Launch CRM WebClient either by clicking the application Desktop icon or selecting the application shortcut command from the Start menu.
    When you run QAD CRM WebClient for the first time on your machine, you get a message similar to one shown below.
    Click OK to install required components. When installation is complete, launch QAD CRM WebClient again.
    Note: During the first launch of CRM webclient application, it could take a bit of time depending upon your connection speed between the Tomcat server where your CRM application is hosted and your own PC on which you are trying to launch CRM Webclient. However this delay will be experienced only during first time you access CRM. Subsequent access to CRM system is quicker.