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  •     QAD Glossary

  • All Profiles Screen
    The All Profiles Screen accesses all the Profiles and Contacts in the database. The screen has three (3) parts: Profile Browser, Contact Browser and Profile Record Detail:
    Profile Browser
    Contains a list of Profiles based on:
    first letter of the Profile Name (A, B, C)
    all Profiles by selecting the All Button
    searching by using a filter (filters can be stored and re-used).
    Contact Browser
    Displays all Contacts for the selected Profile in the Profile Browser Window.
    Profile Record Detail
    Displays the details for the selected Profile in the Profile Browser Window in Edit Mode.
    Note: Pay close attention to the filter option as it works with all other search options. For instance, if there is an existing filter for displaying Customer Records and you selected the A Button, only those Profiles beginning with the letter A containing a Customer Type of Customer would display.
    Steps - All Profiles
    In this scenario you use the All Profiles Screen to gather general information about Profiles and Contacts. Let’s list your Profile requests and then go through each one.
    Every time you open the All Profiles Screen you would like to see all the Profiles in the State of California.
    You need a list and a count of all Profiles, sorted by Town/City.
    You want to create a report and export the data to Excel.
    Set All Profiles to display Profiles in the State of California
    Create a default filter for all California Profiles:
    Navigation: Sales Management | Addresses | All Profiles.
    Access the Filter Tool Bar: View | Toolbars | Filter.
    The Filter Toolbar displays two objects - the Filter Drop-down list with previously created filters and the Profile Filter Screen Button that displays a dialogue box where you can create, edit or delete filters.
    Click the Filter Drop-down list and set it to No Filter.
    Click theAllButton in the Profile Browser. The Profile Browser displays all Profiles.
    Notice that the Profiles are not sorted in any particular order. To sort by Profile Name, Click the Profile Name Label. Displayed in the Profile Browser is a list of all Profiles sorted by Profile Name.
    Click the Filter Button to display the Profile Filter screen to create a new filter. The Profile Filter Screen opens the selected Filter in edit mode.
    To add a new filter Click the Add Button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. The Add Button is the first button going left to right. A blank Profile Filter is displayed
    Enter California in the Name the Filter Field.
    Select the Default Filter Check Box to make this the default view of the Profile Filter Screen.
    In the State Field use the look-up icon and select California and select the green check mark to save your selection.
    When you return to the Profile Filter Screen select the green check mark at the bottom of the screen to close the screen and save your work.
    The California Filter triggered when you saved your work and the Profile Browser should only contain those Profiles from California.
    Note: To learn more about the Profile Filter Screen go to Help | Working with Profiles and Contacts | Filtering Profiles
    Create a list and a count of all Profiles sorted by Town/City
    Navigate to the All Profiles Screen. Check that there is not an active filter.
    Click the All Button in the Profile Browser. The Profile Browser is populated with all the Profiles in the database.
    To sort the Profiles by Town/City, Click the Town/City Name Label.
    To obtain a Record Count, Right-click in the Profile Browser and choose Record Count.
    To create a report of the data in the Profile Browser, Right-click and choose Report View to generate a Browser Report.
    Export the Browser Report to Microsoft Excel
    Review the Report. To export the report to Microsoft Excel, Click the Export Button in the toolbar.
    Choose Export to Application and move to the next screen.
    Select Microsoft Excel (.xls) and Click the green check mark.
    Review the spreadsheet, format and save in Microsoft Excel.
    Exercise - All Profiles
    Complete the following hands-on exercise to test your knowledge on how to use the All Profiles Screen.
    Hands-on Scenario
    You need a list of all Suppliers.
    Create a Favorite to the All Profiles Screen.
    Create a Supplier Filter.
    Create a Browser Report from your output.
    Bonus Question Review the Criteria Tabs in the Profile Filter Screen. What Tab and Field would you filter on to accomplish the following filters:
    Limit who can access a filter.
    Generate a list of all Profiles that have a high priority for Service Calls.
    Create a filter for the Customers in the State of California, sorted by phone number.
    How to add a Profile
    QAD CRM supplies a Quick Profile Add and a Detailed Profile Add:
    Add a Profile Screen - Quick Profile
    Add a Profile Wizard - Detailed Profile.
    There are many ways to access the Detailed Profile Wizard including:
    Add a Profile button from the Common Toolbar
    Right-click in the All Profiles Browser Window
    File | Add from the All Profiles Screen.
    The Quick Profile option is accessed from the Add a Profile button.
    Do not add duplicate Profiles. Search first! Always Search to ensure that you are not adding duplicate data.
    QAD CRM issues a warning message if the Profile has the same Name and Postal Code. Profiles with the same Name and a different Postal Code are not considered duplicates.
    QAD CRM does not stop you from adding duplicate data - be careful.
    QAD CRM is not case sensitive, enter data that can be used in letters and memos.
    Steps - Profile Wizard
    The Profile Add Wizard displays the following information tabs: Details, Further Details, Contacts, Addresses, Analysis Codes, and User Defined Fields.
    The information tabs displayed when adding a Profile are a subset of the information that can be added.
    When you display an existing Profile you will notice additional Tabs.
    A complete list of all fields stored in the Profile Record is detailed in Help | Working with Profiles and Contacts | Working with Profiles | Maintaining Profiles.
    In the following scenario, we review step-by-step how to use the Profile Add Wizard and explore some of the data stored in the Profile Record.
    As an Account Manager you receive information on prospective customers or leads from many sources including your own research and leads from the Marketing Department. Your organization’s business process dictates that prospective customers are tracked as prospects until they have placed an order and all Profiles.
    Prospective customer leads from Marketing or other sources, can include a contact name, a complete address, the size of the company, number of employees, and other information that is tracked in QAD CRM. Most of the time you receive very little information. It’s up to you to research your customer leads and add information in QAD CRM.
    This morning you received a lead from the Marketing Department that was generated from a seminar. The lead contains the following information:
    Company Name: Boulder Industries
    Address: 1500 28th Street, Boulder CO 80303
    Contact: None Given
    Company Size: Around 400 Employees Worldwide - 2 million in revenues
    Business: Distribution
    Create a Profile for this new lead in QAD CRM so you can easily track and report on all your sales activities as you contact and research this company. Remember that the data you enter will be re-used in letters, marketing campaigns, and reports. Enter Profile names using upper and lower case, correct punctuation and abbreviations.
    Search First! Navigate to the Search a Profile or Contact Screen.
    Profile Name = Boulder Industries.
    Click the Search Button.
    Boulder Industries is not in QAD CRM. You are prompted to add a new profile.
    Click - Yes.
    Profile Add Wizard -Account Detail Tab is displayed. The Profile Name field is auto filled based on your search criteria and the label is in red indicating a required field.
    Details Information: If there is a button next to the field label, select the button rather than entering free-form information. If your system administrator has defined a field style, using the button will open a dialog box which reflects the defined style. If there is a look-up icon, use the look-up to get the exact spelling of a value.
    Enter the Details Information that you know.
    Address = 1500 28th Street, Boulder CO 80303
    Type = Prospect
    Company Size = 2-5 Million
    Employees = 100-499
    Region = US
    Source = Seminar/Conference
    Further Details: Select Further Details from the sidebar or use the green arrow in the lower right-hand corner to move to the next tab.
    Enter the Further Details Information that you know.
    Ext. Account Manger = AM1 (yourself)
    Time Zone = MST/MDT (Mountain Time)
    The Ext/Int Account Manager fields can be pre-populated through the Territory Management Module or you can use the Alloc Buttons or Lookup. The Alloc Buttons display the account managers based on Territory Management assignments. The Lookup Button displays the names of all Account Managers.
    You do not have enough information for the Contacts, Addresses, Analysis Codes, or User Defined Codes Tabs at this time.
    Save your new Profile by Clicking the green arrow in the lower right-hand corner.
    You are prompted to send this new Profile to QAD ERP.
    QAD CRM notifies you that QAD ERP is now updated with this Profile.
    Click, OK. The Profile displays showing all associated tabs such as Campaigns, Opportunities, Installed Base, Contracts, and Script.
    Review the new Profile. A Contact has been added with a Last Name = Sir/Madam as you did add a Contact Record for this Profile.
    Note: Profiles must have at least one Contact. If you do not enter a Contact, the system adds a generic contact for you.
    Exercise - Adding a Profile
    Complete the following hands-on exercise to test your knowledge on how to add a Profile.
    Hands-on Scenario
    In a conversation with one of your customers you learned about a company that is a good match for your organization’s goods and services. Before you start to research this company you want to add them QAD CRM so you can easily track your sales activities.
    You know the following information about this company:
    Company Name (use your Last Name Enterprises)
    Address (use an Address in Your Town)
    Email (use your work email)
    Size (300 Employees, 3 Million in Sales)
    Enter, Save, Send to QAD ERP.
    Bonus Question: You know this company does business not only in the United States but also in Australia. Where would you add this information so you could easily report on it later?
    Profiles - Knowledge Check
    QAD CRM is Profile Centric which means that all information in QAD CRM must be associated with a Profile. (True or False?)
    List four Profile Tabs and two data elements in each tab:
    Example: Opportunity Tab - Stage Date, Sales Person
    Profile Name and _________________ make a Profile unique.
    If you do not locate a Profile using the Search a Profile or Contact Screen you are prompted to:
    Add a New Profile
    Try again with different search criteria
    The Profile closest to your search criteria is returned
    Your system administrator can help you enter fields in the correct format by defining the field style. You can choose the button to the left of the field and a dialogue box will open in the correct style for you to enter the field information. Name a field that is set up this way in the QAD CRM Training environment:________________________.
    When you add a Profile, QAD CRM will also add a generic Contact if you do not add a Contact. (True or False?)
    Favorites are created in two places: Application Tool Bar and the ___________________.
    QAD CRM is not case sensitive. Why is it important to be case consistent and have data entry standards when entering Profiles in QAD CRM?__________________________________
    Filters can be created and stored for future use. (True or False?)
    The All Profiles Screen displays the following windows: Profile Browser, Contact Browser and the __________________.
    Profiles - Key Points
    The Profile Record is the center of QAD CRM. All data in QAD CRM must be associated with a Profile.
    There are two search screens:
    Search a Profile or Contact
    All Profiles Screen
    Always Search for a Profile BEFORE adding!
    Do not add duplicate data.
    QAD CRM will give you a duplicate Profile message if you try to add a Profile/Postal Code combination that already exists.
    The Profile Name is the only required field in the Profile Record.
    A Profile can be a Supplier and a Customer - complex business relationships are maintained using multiple profile types.
    You can send new Profiles to QAD ERP.