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  • Contacts
    This chapter provides an overview of the contacts and information on setting up contacts.
    Contacts - Overview
    In this chapter you gain an understanding of the Contact Record, how to manage your contacts effectively, and how the Contact and Profile Records work together. Contacts are people who work for or are associated with a Profile.
    Learning Objectives
    By the end of this chapter, you will be able to do the following:
    Describe the Contact Record
    List the data that is contained in a Contact Record
    Search for a Contact
    Add a Contact
    Synchronize contacts with Microsoft Exchange Server
    Contact Details
    A Contact is a person who is associated with one or more Profiles.
    It’s important to remember that Contacts are people vs. organizations. Those business activities that need interaction with a person should be associated with a Profile and a Contact.
    Your organization maintains relationships with Profiles through Contacts.
    Internal Contacts are people who work for your organization and have an association with a Profile. Internal Contacts are added and maintained using the Internal Contact Tab on a Profile. Internal Contacts must be in the User File.
    What information is contained in a Contact?
    Contact Records contain a mixture of personal and business information. Personal information includes how to best communicate with the individual as well as information that includes their hobbies and family members.
    Information is displayed on-line in the following tabs: Details, Further Details, Activities, Mailing List, Activities, Relationships, Campaigns, User Defined Fields, Attachments, and Scripts.
    Searching for a Contact
    QAD CRM provides the same search facilities to help you locate specific Contact Records that you used earlier to search for Profile Records. You can search directly for the Contact Record or you can search for the Profile that the Contact is associated with. The two screens you use to locate your contacts are:
    Search a Profile or Contact Screen
    Contact Persons Screen.
    You already know how to use the Search Profile or Contact Screen and the All Contacts Screen from the Profile Chapter. Navigation in the Contact Persons Screen is very similar to the All Profiles Screen.
    Let’s step through the navigation for both of these screens using a scenario.
    Steps - Searching for a Contact
    You receive a cell phone message from one of your customers - Tim Brown asking you to contact him. You want to understand the status of the account and review your last interactions with Tim. Let’s search for and review Tim’s company and personal information.
    Profile & Contact Search
    Navigate to the Profile & Contact Search Screen
    Scroll to the Contact Topicusing the Criteria Topic Select Arrows.
    Enter Brown in the Last Name Field.
    Click the Search Button.
    The Contact Record for Time Brown displays. You cannot open the record by Double-Clicking. Right-click and a list of options appear.
    Choose the Contact option to display the Contact Record for Tim Brown.
    Note: If you choose the Profile option the Profile would open and the Contact would also display and you could drill into the Contact Record.
    Contact Person
    Let’s try the same Search only this time let’s use the Contact Persons Screen.
    Navigate to the Contact Persons Screen. Ensure there are no active Filters.
    Select the letter “t”.
    All Contacts with a first name beginning with the letter “t” display in the Contact Browser Window.
    Select the Tim Brown Contact Record and the details for the selected record display in the Contact Detail window in Edit Mode.
    Right-click the selected Contact Record and a list of options display. Choose the Copy Details Option to copy and associate the Contact to another Profile.The Copy Contact Dialogued Box displays:
    Click the Select Profile Button. The Search Profile and Contact Screen displays. Search for “Grace” and choose the Grace Resellers Profile.
    Review Tim Brown as a Contact associated with ACME STEEL and Tim Brown as a Contact associated with Grace Resellers. What do you notice?
    Adding Contacts
    There are a number of ways to add a Contact to a Profile. Remember all Contacts must be associated with a Profile. Typically you would add a Contact at the time you add the Profile or you can update the Profile with additional Contacts later.
    The example above displays adding a Contact to a selected Profile by Right-clicking in the Contact Browser from the All Profiles Screen.
    QAD CRM allows you to add duplicate Contacts. A Contact can be associated with more than one Profile.
    For instance, a Contact can be the owner of one company and a consultant at another. Both organizations are your customers so you want to track both contact relationships.
    Be cautious when adding duplicate Contacts, ensure that your actions make sense. Search First! - before you add Contacts.
    Be aware of your organization’s data entry standards. Make sure that the Contact fields are camera ready and can be used in letters, emails and other public facing documents.
    Let’s add a contact to an existing Contact and review some of the contact fields.
    Steps - Adding a Contact
    While visiting the Custom Homes and Buildings, Jim DeLaRoca your main contact introduces you to his manager Mark Flynn. Add Mark as a Contact associated with the Custom Homes and Buildings. There are a number of ways to do this. For our example below, we add the new Contact from the All Profiles Screen.
    Search first to see if Mark Flynn already exists.
    Display Custom Homes and Buildings in the All Profiles Screen.
    Right-click in the Contact Browser and choose Add Contact from the drop-down menu.
    The Contact Record displays open to the Contact Details tab. The Contact Address field is pre-filled with the Profile Address.
    Add the information address and phone (use your own address). Use the buttons next to the fields to take advantage of any field styles that can be predefined and use the look-ups to choose the correct information. Save your work.
    After adding Mark Flynn, we have enough information to indicate that he reports to Jim DeLaRoca. Right-click Jim DeLaRoca in the Contact Browser and choose Edit Contact.
    Click the Further Details Tab and locate the Reports To Field. Using the look-up icon, select Mark Flynn. Save the record.
    Refer to Help | Working with Profiles and Contacts | Maintaining Contact Details | Adding Contacts for a complete list of the fields that are included in the Contact Record and Tabs.
    Synchronizing Contacts
    You can synchronize the contacts with Microsoft Outlook in QAD CRM if the Exchange Server settings are properly configured and you are authorized by the system administrator.
    The contacts information can be synchronized in bi-directional manner either manually or automatically depending on the synchronization policies.
    Steps - Synchronizing Contacts
    Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook contacts to QAD CRM
    If the Transfer Mode is set to Automatic, the contacts created in QAD CRM are automatically transferred to the Microsoft Outlook contact list after synchronization. If the Transfer Mode is set to Manual, you need to manually send the contacts to the exchange server.
    To manually synchronize contacts:
    Select the contacts to synchronize in the Contact Persons window.
    Note: You can use the Contact Filter to filter out all the contact that you want to synchronize.
    Right-click the selected contacts and choose Send to Exchange Server from the menu.
    The contacts will be transferred to Microsoft Outlook till the next synchronization is performed.
    Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook contacts to QAD CRM
    If you system is configured to synchronize data categorized as QADCRM, you need to create a QADCRM category first.
    To synchronize contacts:
    Create a new contact or select an existing contact in Microsoft Outlook.
    Categorize the contact as QADCRM. It depends on the system settings by the system administrator.
    Save the contact.
    The contacts will be synchronized to QAD CRM till the next synchronization is performed.
    Exercise - Adding / Maintaining Contacts
    Complete the following hands-on exercise to test your knowledge on how to use the locate, add, edit and report on contacts.
    Hands-on Scenario
    Your customer Margaret Smith informs you by email that she has been promoted to General Manager of the Medical Supply Company. She asks you to direct further correspondence to her replacement Andrew Billings. Andrew will take over as the Product Manager. Andrew is working from his home office in Denver, CO. He can be contacted by email (, or phone (303-420-5678). In addition he can receive mail either in his home office or at corporate. Andrew is reporting directly to Margaret.
    Please update Margaret Smith’s record as to her new position - also add any information that might be missing from her Contact Record such as employee status (current/primary or former), contact times.
    Add Andrew as a Contact - (make up an address for Andrew’s home office in Denver, 80202).
    Bonus Question Margaret Smith serves on a non-profit board with Ann Blake who works for the Electronics Mart. Document this relationship.
    Contacts - Knowledge Check
    A Contact is a person that can be associated with more than one Profile (True or False?).
    An Internal Contact is associated with and maintained from the _______________ Tab on the _____________Record.
    An easy way to associate a Contact with another Profile is to use the Copy Details Option (True or False?).
    List four Contact Data Field with a field descriptions, and the Contact Tab where they are displayed:
    Example: Field: Source, Description: Where did we hear about this Contact?, Tab: Further Details
    Last Name, First Name, Contact Name, Position, and Mail Groups are all Search Fields on the Search for Profile or Contact Screen (True or False?).
    Contacts - Key Points
    A Contact is a person who must be associated with a Profile.
    A Contact can be associated with more than one Profile. An example is a Contact who works for one Profile and is a consultant to another.
    There are two search screens:
    Search a Profile or Contact
    Contact Persons Screen
    Always search before adding data, this includes Contact Records as well as Profile Records. This is important in tracking earlier relationships with a Contact.