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  • Hands-on Scenario
    Create a Task for Barry Whitehead (CSR) to review the customer service records for Grace Resellers. You are particularly interested in how many calls they’ve made. You’d like this done ASAP.
    Create the Task.
    Assign to Barry.
    Associate with Grace Resellers.
    Bonus Question In the training environment you are not able to send emails, however if you were in a production environment could you send and email reminder to Barry?
    Synchronizing Activities
    Appointments and tasks can be synchronized between QAD CRM and Microsoft Outlook in both directions depending on the synchronizing policies by the system administrator.
    To create an activity (appointment, meeting, or task) in Microsoft Outlook and synchronize it to QAD CRM:
    In Microsoft Outlook, create an activity (appointment or task) as you normally do in Outlook.
    Categorize the activity as QADCRM. It depends on the system settings by the system administrator.
    The activity will be synchronized to QAD CRM the next time the activity synchronization job is run.
    Note: You can view the job status in the AdminService job history in QAD CRM.
    Managing Customer Visit Reports
    You can compose and submit visit reports from any email client and do not need to log onto the QAD CRM system.
    To submit a report using email:
    From your email client, create a new email.
    In the recipient field, enter the QAD CRM Mail Room Address.
    The QAD CRM Mail Room Address is maintained by the system administrator on the Email tab in Settings|Mail Server Integration|Settings And Switches.
    Include the title of your report followed by the email address of the contact who you visited. Use a hyphen to connect the title and the email address.
    Example: Subject: Customer Visit Report -
    In the email body, compose your report content.
    Send the email when you finish.
    When the email is sent, the visit report details will be attached to the Profile. The authorized users can access the report details from the Activities tab in the All Profiles module.
    Emails - Letters - Contact Notes
    QAD CRM support many different methods of communication. We have learned how to add activities to our calendars and create tasks for ourselves and other team members. We can also send emails and letters using templates or attach a note to a Profile/Contact to add information that might not be associated with a communication event.
    Sending Email from QAD CRM
    You can compose and send emails in QAD CRM system if the Exchange Server is enabled and the email preferences are configured properly in your system.
    When you send email through the Activities module, it automatically gets included in the Profile Transaction History. When you send email using the Send Email button you must request that the email is saved in the selected Profile transaction history.
    To send email from QAD CRM:
    Do any of the following:
    Click the Send Email button on the toolbar.
    Choose Email from the Add an Activity drop-down list.
    If the Select Compose Screen pops up, select your email client and click OK.
    On the Send Email window, select your template and click Compose Email.
    The email compose window is displayed.
    Compose and send your email.
    Synchronizing Emails
    You can synchronizing e-mails in QAD CRM system if the integration with exchange server is enabled by the system administrator. The synchronization could be performed in either two ways:
    Automatic. If the automatic email synchronization is enabled, the emails will be synchronized automatically when the Admin Service checks for new emails.
    Note: The e-mails from Microsoft Outlook are reconciled by the e-mail address in QAD CRM. If the e-mail address matches that of a contact in QAD CRM, the email details are created as a history record in QAD CRM against that profile and contact.
    Manually. If the automatic email synchronization is not enabled, you need to do it manually.
    If you use Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Access, copy the email from a CRM contact to the QADCRMHistory folder using the Copy to Folder option. The email will be brought into QAD CRM when the Admin Service checks for new emails.
    You can also synchronize an e-mail from any mobile clients by forwarding the e-mail from a CRM contact to the QAD Mail Room Address. In the Subject filed of the forwarded e-mail, include the e-mail address of the original e-mail sender and the original subject. Use a pipe character (|) to separate the e-mail address and the subject.
    Original Subject: Re: Quotation
    Subject in the forwarded e-mail:| Re: Quotation
    Note: You can get QAD Mail Room Address at the Emails tab in Settings|Mail Server Integration|Settings and Switches.
    Sending a Letter
    Similar to email communications you can generate a letter as an Activity or by using the Send a Letter button in the toolbar. When you create a letter in QAD CRM you create a Microsoft Word document (.doc) based on a template. The template includes the required format and fields that are merged with the information from the selected CRM record.
    Letters created through the Send a Letter button are generated immediately. Letters created as Activities are only generated only when they are processed based on their scheduled dates.
    Making a Note
    The Make a Note button from the tool bar gives you the ability to add information to the Transaction History for a Profile/Contact. Once you make a note and save it, you can view it from the Profiles module in Activities/History.
    Notes can include comments, imported files or attachments.
    Note: Refer to QAD On-Line Help or the QAD Customer Relationship User Guide for more information on Notes.
    Activity Management - Knowledge Check
    How do you add a Task?
    Right-click in the Task Area located in the CRM Calendar.
    Select a Profile and right-click the Profile.
    All of the above.
    List two types of Activities that appear on your Calendar.
    When you Process an Activity (telephone or appointment) you indicate that the activity is closed or completed. (True or False?).
    The value in the _______________ Field for both Tasks and Activities can change the display color.
    When you associate an Activity or Task to a Profile, Contact or Opportunity, the Activity/Task appear in the associated record. (True or False?)
    Activity Management - Key Points
    The following Activity Types are available in QAD CRM:
    Tasks are “to-do’s” that assign to yourself or to others.
    Some Activities appear on the internal QAD CRM Calendar and can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook
    You can associate most activities and tasks to records within QAD CRM for easy navigation and follow-up.
    Activities become part of the Profile/Contact Transaction History.
    You can add Notes to the Transaction History without adding an Activity.