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  • Profiles
    This chapter provides an overview of prfiles and information on using profiles.
    Profiles - Overview
    In this chapter you gain an understanding of the Profile Record and how to manage your profiles effectively. The Profiles record forms the core of the QAD CRM system as all contact and opportunity information is associated with a Profile.
    Learning Objectives
    Describe the Profile Record.
    List the data that is contained in a Profile.
    Search for a Profile
    Add a Profile
    Select Profile Type(s)
    A profile is a business or business relationship that has an association with your organization.
    A profile can be a Customer, Competitor, Partner, Supplier or any other business or business relationship that your organization needs to track.
    QAD CRM also tracks complex business relationships. If your Customer is also a Supplier you would designate both types for this profile. QAD CRM supports the ability for a Profile to contain multiple Profile Types.
    Your organization defines the types of business relationships by providing the look-up values for the Profile Type field.
    What information is contained in a Profile?
    Profiles either contain or are associated with all the information you need for a 360 degree view of your business relationship including addresses, contacts, opportunities, installed base products, contracts and more.
    Information is displayed on-line in the following tabs: Details, Further Details, Addresses, Activities, Opportunities, Relationships, Internal Contacts, Campaigns, Analysis Codes, Installed Base, Contracts, User Defined Fields, Attachment, Script and Issues.
    Search a Profile or Contact | All Profiles
    How many customers, prospects, suppliers, competitors, partners or other business relationships are you tracking on QAD CRM? You can track an unlimited number of profiles, however, you need to access your profiles quickly and efficiently.
    QAD CRM provides powerful search facilities to help you locate specific profiles. You can search for specific profiles/contacts using search criteria or you can display all your organizations’s profiles or profiles based on the first letter of the profile name. The two screens that you use to locate your profiles are:
    Search a Profile or Contact Screen
    All Profiles Screen.
    The navigation and search capabilities of each screen are a little different, but certain QAD features apply to most searches in QAD CRM. For instance, you can generate a report of your search results, send information to QAD ERP or export your search from most screens.
    Let’s explore the Search a Profile or Contact Screen.
    As you use this screen daily it is important that you can quickly to access it.
    Steps - Create a Favorite
    You can access screens from the CRM Menu or you can create a favorite for those screens that you will use every day. Favorites appear in the Application Menu Bar under Tools and also in the QAD CRM Bar (at the bottom of the QAD Menu Bar).
    Creating a Favorite
    Navigate to: CRM Menu | Sales Management | Addresses | Search a Profile or Contact.
    Right-click, Search a Profile or Contact.
    Add Favorite Dialogue Box displays - select Add to Favorites.
    Save by Clicking on the green arrow in the lower right-hand corner.
    Favorite created in two places:
    Application Menu Bar under Tools
    QAD CRM Bar
    Search Options in Profiles and Contacts Screen
    You can perform a search based on any of the criteria described above. The Search Criteria is displayed in the Open/Selected Criteria Tab. Scroll thru and select the criteria by Clicking on the arrow to the right of the Criteria Topic
    Search Criteria
    The system searches based on information entered in the open or selected Search Criteria Tab. Information entered into other tabs is not taken into account.
    Steps - Search a Profile or Contact
    As an Account Manager you might need to view one specific Profile Record or you might need a list of Profile Records based on search criteria.
    In this scenario, you plan a business trip to Orlando, Florida. You want to review your Orlando Customers and call them before the trip if appropriate.
    You need a list of all Customer Profiles in Orlando, Florida.
    Navigate to the Profile & Contact Search Screen (you can use the Favorite that you just created).
    Scroll to the Name and Location Topicusing the Criteria Topic Select Arrows.
    In the Town and City Field enter Orlando or use the look-up icon.
    In the State Field enter FL or use the look-up icon.
    In the Type Field use the look-up, review the types and select Customer. Please note that you could select more than one Profile Type.
    Click the Search Button at the bottom of the Search Criteria Tab.
    Two Customer Profiles located in Orlando, Florida are returned to the workspace.
    You can review the details of a specific profile by highlighting the profile, right-clicking and choosing Profile from the drop-down list.
    Note: If the search does not return any records, you are prompted to create a new Profile.
    Exercise - Search a Profile or Contact
    Complete the following hands-on exercise to test your knowledge on how to use the Search a Profile or Contact Screen.
    Hands-on Scenario
    You want to return a phone message from one of your customers, but you can’t quite make out the name of the customer or the complete phone number. The call was placed from Los Angeles - 213 Area Code. If you can review a list of all profiles in the 213 Area Code you think you’ll be able to identify the customer’s name.
    If you have not created a Favorite for the Search a Profile or Contact Screen, do so now.
    Navigate using your new Favorite.
    Search for all Profiles in the 213 Area Code. (Hint: Use the Freeform Search Topic.)
    Bonus Question You’d like a list and count of all Profiles created in the last 12 months. How would you get this information using the Search a Profile or Contact Screen.