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  • Maintaining Exchange Server Settings
    ­­­Exchange Server integrated with QAD CRM enables the following data to be shared between CRM and Microsoft Outlook:
    Activities (of type appointment, telephone, letter, and task)
    See Integration with Microsoft Exchange Server for information on the individual integration capabilities.
    For each of these integration areas, the system administrator can set system-wide policies that dictate what type of data updates are enabled.
    For Activity Synchronization, the user must be authorized by the system administrator to synchronize activities. The system administrator can manage the list of Authorized Activity Synchronization users on the Activity tab in Settings­­|Mail Server Integration|Settings And Switches.
    Ask your system administrator or refer to the tabs on Settings|Mail System Integration|Settings and Switches for details about what updates are possible on your site.
    To maintain Exchange Server Settings:
    From Sales Management|My Settings|Details, click Exchange Server Settings tab.

    Exchange Server Settings
    The following fields require update to complete the integration configuration.
    Important: Most of the following fields are case-sensitive. Ensure that you have entered the values in the appropriate case before updating.
    Enable Integration with Exchange Server
    Select this field to enable the integration.
    Windows User Name
    Enter your Windows login ID.
    Windows Password
    Enter your Windows login password. Whenever the Windows login password is changed, you need to update this field.
    Enter the domain you log in to at Windows logon. This field is not required if your Exchange Server is hosted externally.
    Enter your full e-mail address.
    If your Exchange Server has Autodiscover enabled, this button can be used to automatically populate the Exchange Server Location URL and the Mailbox details.
    If not automatically populated by Autodiscover, manually enter the names of your mailboxes in this field
    Exchange Server Location
    If not automatically populated by Autodiscover, manually enter the URL that identifies the location of your exchange server. You may need to ask your system administrator for the name of your Exchange Server.
    Test Account Settings
    When all mandatory fields are entered, click this button to send a test e-mail to the specified mailbox to ensure that the integration is successful. The test e-mail is sent in the following format:
    Subject - QAD CRM test message
    Body - This is an email message sent automatically by QAD CRM while testing the Microsoft Exchange settings for your account.
    To confirm a successful configuration of the integration, a message displays on the screen to indicate that this test was successful.
    Important: If any information associated with the mandatory fields is changed, such as the Windows login password and domain, you must manually update the corresponding fields to ensure that the integration configuration is valid.
    Last Synchronization data and time fields
    These fields indicate the last synchronization dates and times for the objects identified. These values are initially blank for each user and updated when the synchronization is executed. These fields are helpful in determining where a problem with the integration may have occurred (integration has stopped or been disabled).