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  • Release Notes for Release 4.1.3
    QAD CSS Version: 4.1.3
    Release Date: October, 2004
    MFG/PRO Compatibility: MFG/PRO eB through SP 8, and eB2 through SP7
    The following fixes and changes are included in this release and may require additional configuration and installation changes depending on your system configuration:
    This release includes new tools to support the initial population of a QAD CSS database with information about items and customers in MFG/PRO.
    Customer Load lets you load information about MFG/PRO customers.
    Catalog Load lets you load information about MFG/PRO items and the associated QAD CSS categories and catalog layout.
    These functions require the use of a new registry setting uploadFilePath. By default, this is set to ../qadcss/upload, a directory created during installation. You can change this through System Registry Maintenance, but ensure that it is set to a directory that the system can write to.
    Updates have been made to support a more straightforward implementation of a business-to-customer (B2C) order-entry scenario. This includes a new home page specifically for B2C users—op/op_indexB2C.html— and a new registry setting—defaultShipVia—used by the system when B2C customer records are created in MFG/PRO.
    Changes were made to credit-card processing to support a B2C scenario. You can now review the credit card information associated with a sales order using Credit Card Transaction Browse (7.21.2) or Sales Order Credit Maintenance (7.1.13). Changes have been made to Credit Card Vendor Maintenance so that you can specify which credit cards shoppers are allowed to use. Changes were also made to System Module Maintenance to support the use of HTTPS for pages that require security. In addition, a new httpsURL registry setting was created to define the URL used for secure processing.
    Important: To implement the credit-card enhancements requires modifications to MFG/PRO that are included on the QAD CSS CD. The required files are located in MFG/PRO version and service-pack specific directories. For example, if you are using MFG/PRO eB2 SP9, use the files in CSSInstallDir/MFGPRO/eB2/SP9. You must copy these files to your MFG/PRO installation directory and use MFG/UTIL to compile them. You must also load a .d file with new label data into MFG/PRO.
    To support companies implementing QAD CSS, a new implementation guide is now available. This guide includes detailed information on creating your item catalog using QAD-supplied tools, setting up users and security, customizing the appearance of your Web site, managing the order-entry process using flexible system registry fields, and adapting messages to your business requirements. Information is provided for implementing both a business-to-business order scenario and a business-to-customer scenario.
    Implementation Guide: QAD Customer Self Service (item 78-0627A) is supplied on the Supplemental Documents on CD. Users with a Web account can also find the document on the QAD Support site.
    The installation of QAD CSS has been enhanced to use the standard QAD toolset, including MFG/UTIL. This streamlines the installation and eliminates many of the manual steps previously required.
    Installation Guide: QAD Customer Self Service (item 78-0618B) has been updated to reflect the changes in the installation process.
    Note: Translated versions of QAD CSS have not been updated for this release. Any new labels and screens added will appear in English. Translations will be included in a forthcoming release.