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    Release Notes for Release 5.1.2
    QAD CSS Version: 5.1.2
    Release Date: September, 2010
    QAD Product Suite Compatibility: eB2.1 SP2 through SP4, QAD 2007, QAD 2007.1, QAD 2008 Standard, QAD 2008 Enterprise, QAD 2008.1 Standard, QAD 2008.1 Enterprise, QAD 2009 Standard, QAD 2009 Enterprise, QAD 2009.1 Enterprise, QAD 2010 Standard, QAD 2010 Enterprise, QAD 2010.1 Enterprise
    Documentation Updates
    The following documentation has been updated for this release:
    Installation Guide: QAD Customer Self Service (78-0887A)
    New and Changed Features
    A new Order Upload function is now available under the Administration menu for you to load existing sales orders from XML files into CSS. You can use an XML template file that ships with CSS to create source sales orders to be loaded into CSS. An XML file can contain multiple order lines in a sales order.
    You can now use a new registry field unitPriceDecimalPlace to specify the number of decimal places in the item unit price. The default value is 2.
    CSS now supports the HTML e-mail format. A new system registry MIMEHeader is available for setting the e-mail MIME type:
    To send e-mail in plain text, set its value to “type=text/plain:charset=us-ascii:filetype=ascii”.
    To send e-mail in HTML, set its value to “type=text/html:charset=us-ascii:filetype=ascii”.
    A new registry field setDueDate is now available for setting the order due date:
    Yes: Set the header/line request date as the header/line due date.
    No: Use the default due date from QAD Enterprise Applications.
    The shopping cart message column, which is only applicable to QAD EE, can now be disabled when CSS is integrated with QAD SE.
    You can now click a user company to view its detailed information under User Registration. Previously, there was no logical way to view detailed user company information.
    The following issues have been fixed in this release of QAD CSS.
    Internal ECO Number
    When showReqDate was set Yes and showLineReqDate was set to No in System Registry, request date on the order header did not apply to each order line.
    Order Template details could not be displayed in the Firefox browser.
    The ItemQuantityFormat registry setting did not work for Order Entry 3.
    When the date format of the selected language is not mdy, many reports did not display correctly if the fields were left blank.
    CSS did not support BOL link tracking even when the function was enabled in Set Multiple BOL Print Utility (7.25.2) in QAD Enterprise Applications.
    When the showLinePromDate registry was set to False, request date on the order was not assigned to the order header properly.
    The message box raised from User Message Detail Maintenance was not displayed properly.
    The User Message Detail page was missing.
    Descriptions of items with images contained unexpected white spaces.
    The Cancel button on the Personal Administration page led to an incorrect page destination.
    Order tracking reports did not display invoices correctly.
    The Personal Admin page displayed incorrect error messages when you left secret question and secret answer blank and clicked Update.
    CSS did not display item descriptions for each line in Sales Order Quote.
    Customers on credit hold were still able to submit and have their orders processed without any alert messages.
    CSS checked credit statuses of sold-to customers only instead of bill-to customers.
    The product catalog could not let you see all the items when there were too many pagination views and the Next button was displayed.
    The HideOrderEntry registry field, which was used to hide order-entry-related menus for customers on credit hold, was not implemented.
    Item browse in Item Order Entry 3 could not be configured in Browse Maintenance to support search by descriptions.
    Large data amount led to serious performance issues during the order entry process.
    The system could not locate help files when the help path contained multiple levels.
    The system could not determine the credit hold status of the customer from QAD EE.
    Item lookup browse did not return the correct result.
    The comments display option was not properly implemented in CSS.
    In certain circumstances, the carrier href led to the wrong URL.