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Release Notes for Version 1.4
Customer Management Reports and Browses Bundle Version: 1.4
Release Date: March 2013
QAD Enterprise Applications Compatibility: QAD Enterprise Edition 2011 and later
Related Documentation: The Reports and Browses Bundles Installation Guide is provided on the product delivery media. It is also available on the Documentation area of under the Installation-Conversion topic for your Enterprise Edition version.
Note: The new reports are already included in QAD 2013 EE. So, if you use QAD 2013 EE, you do not have to install the reports separately.
This bundle includes a set of enhancements to reporting functions in the Customer Management area within Enterprise Edition. Many reports have been rewritten using QAD Reporting Framework to provide a significantly improved reporting capability to users of the QAD .NET UI. Additionally, the functions of some existing reports have been incorporated into browses.
This is part of an ongoing QAD effort to upgrade reports, browses, and inquiries throughout the system, building on the advanced filtering and report-generation tools available in .NET and QAD Reporting Framework, as well as powerful browse capabilities.
Note: The legacy versions of all reports are still available in their original menu locations.
You can access the new reports in several ways:
By entering the report title in the menu search field. The search result lists two occurrences. The icon differentiates between the standard and enhanced .NET UI versions. Report Icons in .NET UI shows an example.
Report Icons in .NET UI
By entering the new menu number in the menu search field. QAD .NET UI-only reports are assigned to menu numbers 75 or greater, so they are hidden on the character UI menus, as shown in New Customer Management Reports and Browses.
Note: You cannot access a new report by entering a Progress program name.
By navigating in the menu tree to the functionality area. The new reports appear in the same part of the menu as their standard report equivalents.
Note: This bundle is cumulative; it also includes reports in the Customer Management area that were previously introduced. For lists of those reports, see previous release notes.
Table 3 New Customer Management Reports and Browses
Legacy Menu
Report Title
Legacy Program
New Menu
New Report Title
Shipping Label Print
Pre-Shipper/Shipper Print
Legal Document Print
Invoice Print or Reprint
Service Item Inquiry
Service Item Report
End User Inquiry
End User Report
Material Order ATP Inquiry
Material Order ATP Report
Call Activity Inquiry
Call Activity Report
Service Request Report
Engineer Master Schedule Inquiry
Engineer Master Schedule Report
Engineer Detail Schedule Inquiry
Engineer Detail Schedule Report
Engineer Diary
Engineer Calendar
Engineer Availability Inquiry
Engineer Availability Report
Contract Billing History Report
Contract Renewal History Report
Contract Renewal Browse
Contract Billing Browse
Contract Additional Charges Browse
Customer ISB Browse
Warranty Call Browse
Warranty Returns Browse
Warranty Repair Line Browse
Repair Work Order Browse
Note: The following reports in the bundle only work with 2012 EE, 2012.1 EE, and 2013 EE.
Retrobill Report
Renewal Process/Report
Pre-Shipper/Shipper Print
Pre-Shipper/Shipper Confirm
Invoice Post and Print
An Enhanced .NET Report field is available for the first three reports in 2013 EE and the last two reports in 2012 EE and 2012.1 EE, as well as 2013 EE. When you select the field, you get a Reporting Framework report view.
Table 4 New Collections
Service and Support Management (SSM) Role-Based Centers
Contract Administrator Center, including:
Warranty Administrator Center, including:
Repairs and Returns
Calls and Installed Base
Customer Activity
Customer Management Role-Based Center
Customer Service Management Center, including:
Customer Activity Dashboard
Sales Quotes
Sales Orders
Sales Orders to Ship
Sales Order Credit Browse
Collections under SSM Utilities
Custom Program Utilities, including:
Custom Program Insertion Maintenance
SSM Cust Prog Insert Browse
SSM Cust Prog Entry Point Valid
SSM Cust Prog Entry Point Browse
RMA/RTS Utilities, including:
Del MRP Records for RMA Receipts
Backout Incorrect Allocations
Update Ship Type for RTS
RMA Service Coverage Utility
RMA Parts Return Flag Repair
ISB Utilities, including:
Install Config Table Rebuild
Installed Base Rebuild
Conversion Related Utilities, including:
Area Code Conversion
Load User Preferences
Response Time UM Conversion
Upd Blank Warr/Service Type
FSM Type Conversion (Multiling)
Create Intrastat Rec's for SEO
Call Utilities, including:
Expense Cost Discrepancy Report
Pending Call Setup Utility
J1B6 Utility
Create Call History Records
Escalation Master Update
Update Trans Hist for Calls
Set Call Item Detail End User
Rebuild Engineer Schedules
Time Zone Utilities, including:
End User Time Zone Change Utility
Multiple Time Zones Startup Utility
Initialize User TZ from Engineer
Orphaned Records, including:
Del Orphaned S/S Work Order Recs
Delete Stranded Inv Hist Records
Del Orphaned Call Lines
Del Stranded Detail Allocations
Contract Utilities, including:
Contract Serialize Detail Repair
Initialize List Prices
Note: Some of these SSM utilities are collected in the SSM Utility Center.
Collections under SSM Administration Center
Call/Quote Admin, including:
Closed Call Move to History
Call/Quote History Delete/Archive
Expired Quote Move to History
Pending Call Delete/Archive
Pending Call Profile Report
Contract Admin, including:
Contract Delete/Archive
Contract Next Bill Adjustment
Recalculate Contract Taxes
Change Deferred/Accrued Accounts
Update Contract Revenue Account
Revenue Delete/Archive
Service Ctrct Next Bill Adjustmt
SSM Metrics Admin, including:
Average Visit Closed Browse (metric)
Engineer Utilization Browse (metric)
All Call Browse (metric)
RTS Performance (metric)
Misc Delete/Archive , including:
Service Request Delete/Archive
Field Notification Del/Archive
ISB History Delete/Archive
S/RO Delete Archive