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  • Creating a Master-Detail Report Using Subreports
    About Subreports
    Subreports are regular reports contained in a field in another report (the main report). Subreports are usually designed to display detail information based on a current value in the main report, in a master-detail scenario. You can create multiple subreports in a main report.
    For example, the main report contains product categories and the subreport in the Detail section contains product details for the current category.
    Creating a Master-Detail Report
    Create a master report.
    Create a basic report using Report Wizard and, optionally, further customize the report using the design tools provided in Report Designer. For details on creating a report definition using Report Wizard, see Creating a Report Definition.
    Create a subreport.
    In Report Designer, right-click a report definition under the Reports tab in the toolbox and choose Create Subreport from the shortcut menu.
    The Report Wizard window displays. Follow the same steps you used when creating the basic report. See Creating a Report Definition.
    When you have created a basic detail report using Report Wizard and return to the Report Designer main screen, in the Detail section of your report, click and drag the mouse pointer to make the field for the subreport. The subreport is embedded in the master report.
    Optionally, right-click the subreport field and select Edit Subreport from the shortcut menu to fully open the subreport in the Design pane; then further customize the report using the design tools provided in Report Designer.
    Optionally, you can repeat the previous steps to add multiple subreports to the master report.
    Link the subreport to the master report
    The master-detail relationship is controlled by the Text property of the subreport field. This property should contain an expression that evaluates into a search condition that can be applied to the subreport data source.
    The Report Designer can build this expression automatically for you. Complete the following steps:
    Right-click the subreport field and select Link Subreport from the menu.
    A dialog box appears and lets you to select which fields should be linked. Once you make a selection and click OK, the Report Designer builds the link expression and assigns it to the Text property of the subreport field in the background.

    Link Subreports
    The master-detail report is created.
    Note: If you do not link the subreport to the master report, a Descartes Accumulate of data will be displayed on the report.