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  • Release Notes for Version 1.8.2
    QXI Server Version: 1.8.2
    Date: September 2012
    QAD Enterprise Applications Compatibility: eB SP4 through current release
    Supported Progress Releases: Progress 9.1E, OpenEdge 10.0B, 10.1A, 10.1B, 10.1C, 10.2A, 10.2B
    QAD QXtend Documentation: User Guide: QAD QXtend (70-3190-1.8.2) and Installation Guide: QAD QXtend (78-0952-1.8.2)
    New and Changed Featuresdose not
    New configurations added in qxtendconfig.xml:
    cacheFinSession: Controls whether QXI reuses the session ID for FinAPI connections. Caching session IDs enhances throughput of QDocs, but may result in failure of Financial transactions in some circumstances.
    resendData: Controls whether QXI resends the QDoc after receiving a Communication Failure exception from AppServer. Setting this parameter to false will cause a QDoc to fail if the AppServer has been restarted without the Connection Pool also being restarted. Resending QDocs will result in a duplicate transaction if a Progress Memory Violation error occurs on the AppServer after the transaction has been committed.
    In license administration, the Sender ID QAD Workflow has been changed to QAD BPM & Alerts, which is used by both QAD BPM and QAD Alerts.
    QXtend Inbound WSDL screen (http://<tomcat_host>:<port>/<qxi>/wsdl) now displays system APIs along with standard APIs and custom APIs. From the WSDL screen, WSDLs of system APIs can be generated and downloaded.
    Fix Description
    Internal ID
    Issue Affected Versions
    The response QDoc of a subscriber message with SOAPERR status can now be viewed if the subscriber uses QDoc 1.0 XML Syntax.
    QXI now supports the decimal value in European format (using a comma as a decimal point and a dot as a thousands separator) when the user is using the European numeric representation defined in locale.dat.
    1.2 +
    The QDoc receiptsBackwardExploded has been modified to pass the validation of WSDL.
    QXI e-mail service has been fixed to support sending e-mail via an SMTP server that requires authentication.
    The QDoc maintainCheckCancellation has been updated (with new version number eB21_1) to fix the EventException001 error that occurred during processing.
    In the previous version, when the Scope Transaction is set to Yes, the QDoc transaction occasionally was not done in QAD ERP though QXtend reported a successful transaction. This issue now is fixed.
    The problem of randomly skipping record lines when processing QDocs is fixed in this version.
    The QDoc recordCallActivity (version eB2_2) has been updated to fix the issue of showing EventException001 error message.
    The XML encoding of the response QDocs can now always match the encoding of the request QDocs.
    The maintainSalesOrder QDoc (ERP3_2 for QAD EE) has been updated to include a new field so_daybookset.
    The Primary Keys for the QAD EE QDocs maintainCustomerItem, maintainInventoryDetail, and receiveInventory have been updated to make them work correctly with Excelerator.
    Known Issues
    When QXtend 1.8.2 is installed against QAD 2012 SE, the SIAPI connection pool does not work properly if the user chooses “2012” as the value of MFG Service Pack for installation. To fix this, change “2012” to “Other” and reinstall QXtend adapter. Choosing “Other” in the first place can avoid the issue.