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  • Release Notes for Version 1.8.3
    QXI Server Version: 1.8.3
    Date: March 2013
    QAD Enterprise Applications Compatibility: eB SP4 through current release
    Supported Progress Releases: Progress 9.1E, OpenEdge 10.0B, 10.1A, 10.1B, 10.1C, 10.2A, 10.2B, 11.1
    QAD QXtend Documentation: User Guide: QAD QXtend (70-3190-1.8.3) and Installation Guide: QAD QXtend (78-0952-1.8.3)
    New and Changed Features
    A new parameter getLockedUserName has been added to qxtendconfig.xml.
    During the processing of a QDoc, if the database record is locked by another user for a certain duration, the transaction fails and an error message is displayed to indicate the locking. However, when ODBC security is activated on the database, the user name is not included in the error message. getLockedUserName is provided in qxtendconfig.xml for QXtend to retrieve the user name in this situation.
    Thirty-four new SIAPIs in the manufacturing area are available for QAD 2013 EE.
    Configuration Data Transfer
    QXtend now provides you the capability to transfer configuration data from a source system to a target system. For Inbound, you can export API Schemas from the source system to a bundle file and then import them into the target system. The items to be exported or imported and the behavior when an error happens are configurable.
    QXtend now supports the new technology stack used in QAD 2013 EE: .NET Framework 4.0, OpenEdge 11.1, and Tomcat 7.
    Fix Description
    Internal ID
    Issue Affected Versions
    In a Windows environment, the error messages returned from QAD ERP in multiple languages that are not using Latin alphabet can now be correctly displayed in Inbound UI.
    Timeout for QXtend pre-processing has been increased from 2 seconds to 10 seconds, which can handle most pre-processing cases.
    In the previous version, when QXtend is installed against QAD 2012 SE, SIAPI connection pool does not work properly if the user chooses 2012 as the value of MFG Service Pack for installation. This issue has been fixed.
    In query service, the <MaxRows> tag in the request XML now controls the number of returned records in any situation. Previously, this tag controlled the number of business object datasets returned. If a filter is defined on the profile, fewer records will be in result.
    When there are multiple transactions and suppressResponseDetail is set to False, the response details are now correct when there are multiple errors.
    When scopeTransaction is set to True and there is an error, the response details will be cleared.
    QDoc attributes scopeTransaction, suppressResponseDetail, mnemonicsRaw, and logTransaction are all set to case-insensitive. It avoids errors caused by case inconsistency.
    QGen has been fixed to support custom fields (with undefined unique ID) added to standard QAD ERP programs.
    QXtend adapter failed to compile when installing QXtend 1.8.2 against QAD ERP running on Progress 9.1E. This issue has been fixed.
    When QXtend 1.8.2 is installed against QAD SE and running QGen script, it displays an error saying ICT programs (for example, icdomain.i) are not found. This issue has been fixed.
    QXtend UI now supports IE 9 without additional setting to turn on compatibility mode.
    The error “QDoc processing failed with an unhandled exception.” occurred when querying data from Excelerator. This issue has been fixed.
    Early onboard QDoc maintainSalesAccount has been added.
    SIAPI maintainItemMaster for EE has been fixed to include ptReplenishmentMthd.
    QDoc processing will not be interrupted when the user starts snooper to view UIAPI QDoc processing. Previously, QXtend Inbound returned an error "Session fails to initialize" when processing a QDoc.
    Queue transactions are kept after QXtend upgrade (in-place conversion). Previously, all queue transactions are removed after upgrade.
    QXtend web application now does not check which speeds up Tomcat startup in certain environments (especially when there is no Internet connection).
    Known Issues
    When installing QXtend 1.8.3 against QAD EE versions earlier than 2011 EE, the installer stops at a QXtend adapter compile error. You can complete the installation and, if you are going to install QAD Configurator in this environment, obtain a patch from QAD Support.
    If QXtend 1.8.3 is installed by QDT, the port of the UIAPI connection pool is set to the SSH port number (22, by default) and no idle connection is available. To make the system work correctly, either manually change the port to the Telnet port number (23, by default), or follow the instructions in article AA-73448 in the QAD Knowledge Base.