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  • Release Notes for Version 1.8.3
    QXO Server Version: 1.8.3
    Date: March 2013
    QAD Enterprise Applications Compatibility: eB SP4 through current release
    Supported Progress Releases: OpenEdge 10.2B, 11.1
    QAD QXtend Documentation: User Guide: QAD QXtend (70-3190-1.8.3) and Installation Guide: QAD QXtend (78-0952-1.8.3)
    New and Changed Features
    Event Filter can now be configured for database events and non-DDP business events.
    Event filter is a filter on database records that determines whether an event should be raised. You can use the filter to prevent unwanted events from being raised, instead of having the event service or publisher determine its usability.
    WAN (Wide Area Network) related options are available for Source Application Details page. Enabling WAN Options can help to achieve better system performance and reliability when QXtend connects to a source application through a WAN.
    With these options, you can:
    Configure QXO to automatically retry to connect to source application database after connection failed within the specified maximum times.
    Specify an AppServer for QXtend to run event consolidation on it.
    Determine whether to monitor event counts on QXO Dashboard.
    For a File Directory Service subscriber, user can define name pattern for QDoc files. Values of profile fields (including custom fields) can be used in QDoc names.
    When copying a business object, you can select profiles, except for the default profile, to copy with the BO. The default profile will be generated by the system when you copy a BO.
    Top level node of a QDoc (dataset level node) can be excluded from the XML when the subscriber’s XML Syntax is set to Other. There is a parameter in subscriber profile configuration to set this.
    Configuration Data Transfer
    QXtend now provides you the capability to transfer configuration data from a source system to a target system. For Outbound, you can export BOs and their associated profiles from the source system to a bundle file and then import them into the target system. The items to be exported or imported and the behavior when an error happens are configurable.
    Allow Superseded option is no longer available for setting BPM subscribers.
    QXtend now supports the new technology stack used in QAD 2013 EE: .NET Framework 4.0, OpenEdge 11.1, and Tomcat 7.
    Fix Description
    Internal ID
    Issue Affected Versions
    When running multiple query services, QXtend now no longer throws the error “Data-Source is now invalid. Check database connection.”
    QXO Webservice Subscribers for External Applications with the same Target URLs are registered as a single Licenced Receiver.
    In QXO viewers, the displayed labels in filter are now consistent with the column names.
    The message sender instances in QXO Dashboard can now always display the correct status. Previously, it did not refresh from busy to available.
    In the previous version, Message Publisher shows errors in logs when publishing a BO with at least three tiers and a grandchild record is linked to multiple child records. The issue has been fixed.
    Outbound now will not load a profile with the same name as its business object to avoid name conflict.
    When upgrading a QXtend instance of a previous version, QXtend installer now detects schema areas used by existing QXtend instance. Previously, if an instance had already been upgraded from 1.5.1 or lower version, it could not be upgraded again to a newer version.
    Calculated programs running on AppServer now work with query service.
    One event service can now work for multiple source applications. This feature was broken in previous versions.
    With a profile matching a Financials QDoc is created from an SE system, the Activity code in tContextInfo can now be correctly set to Create, Modify, or Delete. Previously, it was always set to Create and caused data synchronization problem.
    In previous versions, when there are multiple source applications and the same event number (from different source applications) is being processed by two different event service agents, Event Service may crash. This issue has been fixed.
    Known Issue
    If QXtend is installed on a Windows server, you cannot import configuration data from the bundled zip files.