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  • Business Object Validations and Data Watches
    Both types of searches are tested during business object validation. A validation occurs against the connected source applications during the initial load of business objects—at least for business objects that do not employ DDP. The result of this validation determines the color of the icon of each business object in the business object navigation tree.
    A green icon shows that the validation was successful.
    A yellow icon displays when reverse whole-index searches are required for one or more data objects in the business object tree during one or both of the validation passes.
    A red icon displays when invalid joins appear, or when a business object has not been validated.
    To control which data objects are watched—that is, the data objects that have active event types that are being “listened” to—an Event Type section displays on each data object. Select the Listen check box to determine which event types you want to be active on the data object. Event types essentially operate as multiple data watches on a data object. QAD has set this option for the default business objects to minimize the number of reverse whole-index searches and yet retrieve all essential business data. Two business objects—Customer Schedules and Sales Orders—still have unavoidable reverse whole-index searches.

    Validations and Data Watch Symbols on Business Objects
    When you open a business object node in the navigation tree, each data object has an eye icon.
    An eye alone means that the data object is watched; that is, the object has one or more active event types. A watched data object is aware of updates to that object’s tables in the source application.
    An eye crossed out means that data object is unwatched; that is, either the data object has no defined event types, or its event types are all inactive. An unwatched data object ignores updates to the object tables, but the data for that object is still retrieved when events affect other data objects in the parent business object.
    To modify these or other business objects, see the section Modifying Business Objects.