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  •     QAD Glossary

  • Calculated Fields Program Example
    The following program used by QXO is an example of a calculated field program. The code converts the value stored in a database field into another format in the outgoing QDoc. The resulting format is suitable for use in an incoming QDoc through QXI.
    $RCSfile: cp-pipartcode.p,v $
    Copyright 1986-2004 QAD Inc., Carpinteria, CA, USA.
    All rights reserved worldwide. This is an unpublished work.
    Description: Checks the value of the pi_part_code field extracted from QAD Enterprise Applications. If it matches qadall variable we require to place blank for pi_part_code in the published business object
    define input parameter dataset-handle phDataset.
    define input parameter pcBuffer as character.
    define input parameter pcQueryString as character.
    define output parameter pcResult as character.
    define variable hQuery as handle no-undo.
    define variable hBuffer as handle no-undo.
    define variable hField as handle no-undo.
    define variable cQadAll as character initial "qadall--+--+--+--+--+" no-undo.
    define variable cValue as character initial "" no-undo.
    hBuffer = phDataset:get-buffer-handle(pcBuffer).
    create query hQuery.
    if hBuffer:available then do:
    hField = hBuffer:buffer-field("piPartCode") no-error.
    if valid-handle(hField) then
    cValue = hField:buffer-value.
    if cValue = cQadAll then
    cValue = "".
    pcResult = cValue.
    delete object phDataset no-error.