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  • Connection Exceptions
    These exceptions are related to errors raised when using the Connection Pool Manager. These exceptions are included in the response QDocs.

    Connection Exceptions
    Exception Code
    Unable to initialize Connection Pool
    Cannot initialize a connection pool session. The maximum number of sessions has been reached, or the QAD Enterprise Applications databases are not up. There may also be a problem with the log-in script or a step omitted. Test this by following the log-in script from the Connection Pool setup parameters and ensuring all steps are correct.
    Another possible cause is that the startup script for launching the QAD Enterprise Applications session (invoked by the Connection Manager) may have been configured to run in normal mode instead of MFGWrapper mode. (See Starting QGen for more on the MFGWrapper mode.) Review the startup script and update if incorrect, then restart the Connection Pool.
    Unable to get a working session using unique IDs (session ID and process sequence ID)
    Unable to get a working session using unique IDs.
    Failure to initialize the Connection Pool Manager
    The Connection Pool Manager cannot initialize. One responsibility of the Connection Pool Manager is to open XML configuration files. This error can occur if there is an invalid configuration file. To see a list of configuration files look at config-files.xml.
    Unable to get an idle session
    A client requested a new program to be run and an idle session cannot be retrieved from the connection pool. Verify that the connection pool has not exceeded the maximum number of connections. It is also possible that the Connection Pool Manager was initializing new sessions that were not yet available.
    Unable to get session because pool has been shut down
    A user attempted to create a new session or make a request on an existing one after the Connection Pool Manager was shut down. In this case, all connections are invalid and the Connection Pool Manager must be restarted.
    User has reached max sessions allowed
    A user has requested to run another QDoc; however, this user has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections.
    Extracting a value from the configuration file failed
    Invalid value encountered during load of connectionManagerConfig.xm. Review all numeric values in the file.
    Unable to locate the Connection Pool Manager configuration file
    This file should be located in webapps/< QXI webapp >/WEB-INF/config. If it is not there, then a default version of the file can be copied and configured. This is located in webapps/< QXI webapp >/WEB-INF/config/defaults
    Telnet connection not available
    The telnet server for the specified receiver is unavailable.
    Host is unavailable or incorrect
    View the connection pool details for this receiver and validate the host is correct and available.
    Telnet connection is refused
    The connection to the host was refused. Manually launch a telnet connection from the QXtend machine to the host machine to isolate the problem.
    QAD Enterprise Applications server is unreachable
    The connection to the host is successful but the launch of an QAD Enterprise Applications session is not. Manually launch a telnet connection from the QXtend machine to the host machine and run the QXtend startup script to isolate the problem.