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  •     QAD Glossary

  • Creating Telnet Log-In Scripts
    The value entered in the Server Startup Script field in Configuration Update Settings in the Connection Pool Manager must be the exact log-in sequence for the telnet session including both system prompts and responses. See Adding a Connection Pool.
    The objective of the script is to log in to a telnet session on the database server machine and to connect to a specific running QAD Enterprise Applications database instance. Use the following sample script and descriptions to create the correct script for your environment.
    Prompts and responses are separated using the pipe symbol (|). The prompt values are case sensitive. The values you enter must be identical to prompts the telnet server displays when the Connection Pool Manager attempts to log in. Verify each step manually before attempting to start Connection Pool Manager.
    login:|QXtend|Password:|$PASSWD|$|exec ./qma.QXprod
    login: is the first prompt displayed by the system.
    QXtend is the response to this prompt, the user ID used to log in to the system.
    Password: is the second prompt displayed.
    $PASSWD: is the alias for the server startup password. This is used for added security measures. If you do not want the password to be displayed in clear text, then enter the password into the Server Startup Password field in the Connection Pool configuration parameters screen and this alias will be replaced by your password once it is decrypted. Hard coding the actual password in place of this alias will also function; however the password will be clearly visible to all. For password entry instructions, see Adding a UI API Pool.
    $ is the prompt displayed after successful log-in, indicating the system is ready.
    exec ./qma.QXprod is the command to execute the connection script on a UNIX system. The exec is required to ensure that the script does not open in a new window.
    qma.QXprod script is a copy of the standard production script, with the mfgwrapper and apimode parameter added to the appropriate command line. See the next section for details.
    On Windows systems, an equivalent log-in script would look like:
    login:|QXtend|password:|$PASSWD|c:\mfgsvr\telnet>| startmfg.bat