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  •     QAD Glossary

  • Program Structure and Terminology
    QGen follows the QAD Enterprise Applications interface to identify fields and navigation options. For the purposes of creating a QGen data (.dat) file, the different QGen options are based on the type of field you are currently mapping.
    As you proceed through an QAD Enterprise Applications program, you encounter the following types of fields:
    Primary Key
    The field that QAD Enterprise Applications uses to locate or create the unique records required during this pass through the program. For Sales Order Maintenance, for example, this is the sales order number and the sales order line numbers. If you are not sure about the primary key for a program, it is usually the active field or fields available when you first enter the program or iteration frame; this is not necessarily the fields in the first frame.
    The primary key is used to determine which fields are populated in the response document; only the fields defined as primary keys appear in the response schema.
    Delete Field
    A delete field is any field, usually all grouped in a single frame, from which you can delete the current record. These fields are easily identified: the status line at the bottom of the QAD Enterprise Applications screen displays F5=Delete as an available function key.
    Yes indicates the field must have a value.
    First Entry Event
    A first entry event is one that controls which branch of a program you descend. Usually, these fields have default values and are not accessed directly during an update; instead they are accessed by pressing F4. For example, the single/multiple line option in Sales Order Maintenance is accessed by pressing F4 from the sales order line field.
    Choose Event
    A choose event is a field in a selection list.
    An iteration is a repetition of a grouping of data, such as lines on a sales order. For QGen, an iteration is identified as a field that QGen returns to for a second pass-through. For sales order lines, this is the sales order line number. When QGen returns to this field the second time, it displays an iteration frame where you can name the iteration.