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  •     QAD Glossary

  • QXO Delivery Schedules
    A delivery schedule can be defined to control the transmission of a single document or multiple documents in a batch to subscribers at one or more specific times. You can select one delivery schedule to be used as the default schedule.
    Outbound messages are sent only if they exist—that is, if the delivery time defined in a delivery schedule arrives and there are no outbound messages, nothing is sent.
    Various types of schedule can be defined for transmitting documents:
    Immediately when published. If no delivery schedules are defined this is the default system behavior. You select this option when defining a subscriber. See QXO Subscribers.
    At a specified time (or times) during the day. You can choose from several predefined times or specify one or more user-specified times.
    On selected days of the week at specified times.
    During selected months on specified days at specific times.
    Example: The QXO system administrator wants to configure a delivery schedule to send documents each hour during business days. A delivery schedule called BusinessHours is created and configured thus: the Sending Type is Weekly; the days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are selected; Sending Times are specified for 08:00 – 17:00.
    In the Configuration tab, click Delivery Schedules in the navigation tree. The Delivery Schedules overview screen displays. Use this screen to select the delivery schedule the system should use by default.
    Click New to create a new delivery schedule. Delivery Schedule Configuration Parameters shows the configuration options available for the Daily sending type.

    Delivery Schedule Configuration Parameters
    Delivery Schedule Code
    Enter a code (up to 10 characters) that identifies the delivery schedule.
    Enter a description (up to 35 characters).
    Sending Type
    Choose a sending type for the outbound messages.

    Daily Sending Type
    If Sending Type is Daily, outbound messages are sent daily.
    Daily Sending Option
    Choose a daily sending option (Hourly, Half-Hourly, Quarter-Hourly, or User Defined). If User Defined is selected, specify a sending time or times by clicking the Add button. Sending times must be entered in 24-hour format. To remove a specified time, select the time and then click Remove.

    Weekly Sending Type
    If Sending Type is Weekly, outbound messages are sent weekly. Select the days of the week on which to send the outbound messages. To add a sending time, click Add and then type a time into the New Time field. To remove an existing time, select the time you want to remove and then click Remove.

    Monthly Sending Type
    If Sending Type is Monthly, outbound messages are sent monthly. Select the months in which to send the outbound messages. Select the Day option and enter a date to specify a specific day, or select the “The” option to specify a day; for example, the First Sunday of the month. Then enter a time in the Sending Time field.
    Note: If a value is entered in the Day field that is invalid for one or more selected months, outbound messages are sent on the last day of the month. For example, if 31 is entered in the Day field and the months January, February, and April are selected, the outbound messages are sent January 31, February 28 (during non-leap years), and April 30.

    Delay Sending Type
    If Sending Type is Delay, the system postpones sending subscriber messages by a specified amount of time after message creation.
    Delay Sending Option/Delay Amount
    Specify the amount of time after message creation to publish subscriber messages.
    Click Save to save the delivery schedule configuration.