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  • QXtend Interaction with Financials
    This chapter describes configuration required for QXtend to receive business object event data from QAD EE Financials.
    Explains how QXtend interacts with QAD EE Financials.
    Financials to QXtend Outbound Setup
    Describes financials even setup, configuring the connection pool and schema (QXI), and direct data publish setup in QXO.
    QXtend can accept and publish raw business object event data from the QAD EE Financials module, eliminating the need to extract data from the Financials database. Financials can use QXtend to:
    Replicate financial data, including configuration and transactional data, between separate instances of Financials.
    Replicate financial data between Financials and a third-party financial application.
    Financials business objects employ DDP and are passed directly from the source to the QXODB database in QXO. From the QXODB database they are processed by the message publisher.
    The Financials raw business object event data is saved in an XML file and passed directly to QXO using an event message API; the resulting QDoc is published without the need for any further processing.
    Financials posts data to QXtend using event publishing—a form of DDP—which lets you publish a message when a particular business event occurs within Financials. The message is sent to a messaging bus, which then routes the message to a specific destination.
    Event publishing is typically used to notify an external resource that a certain condition has occurred within Financials. For reasons of dependency, transaction integrity, and speed, the Financials application has a buffer queue that is used within the running transaction to prepare messages before they are sent out. This also ensures that no events are lost during system down-time and that no disruption of service occurs.
    Setup is required in both QXtend and Financials to enable data to be replicated between the two applications.