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  • QXtend Query Service
    This chapter describes the Query Service in QXtend Outbound, which enables calling applications to access data within a QAD application, without replicating the data.
    Describes the functions of the Query Service.
    Query Service API
    Illustrates the Query Service API.
    Query Service Setup
    Explains how to use the Query Service to call the API, including direct connection setup, progress AppServer Setup, and web service setup, with details on deploying the query API.
    The Query Service is a QXO service that provides a data interface between QAD products, and between QAD products and external systems, without the need to connect to an application database.
    The Query Service is a service interface API and can be called using a native Progress call, a Progress appserver call, or an XML Web service (QXI) call. When called, the Query Service connects to the source application database, extracts the required data, packages the data, and returns it to the calling application. The data can be returned as either XML or as a ProDataSet.
    The Query Service enables the calling application to access data within a QAD application without replicating the data to the calling application. For example, the calling application can use the Query Service to access country codes stored in QAD EE without connecting directly to the database or copying the data. The connection is fast and in real time, and the calling application does not require knowledge of the source. The QXO event service and event publisher processes access the data, without updating the QXO database.
    QXI is not required for the Query Service unless you want to issue XML requests. When you make an XML Web service call to the Query Service, QXI receives the request and calls the Query Service in QXO to process it.
    You can use the Query Service to:
    Access data in other QAD applications for lookups and validation. This facility removes the need to replicate data into the product module.
    Allow an external application to access data stored in a QAD application. This facility could be used to validate data from an external application before it is sent to the QAD application, reducing potential errors when interfacing between products.