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  •     QAD Glossary

  • Subscriber Messages Tab
    The Subscriber Messages tab shows response messages received from the subscriber. Response messages are only received from subscribers if File Directory Service, Web Service, or QAD BMP is used as the communication method.
    The mpt_msg_subs_resp table in the QXtend database stores the response XML and processing result. The mpt_msg_subs_excp table stores any exceptions raised on the related response message.
    Subscriber Domain
    Specifies the domain in the source application from which the subscriber solely wants to receive event messages. Event messages originating from other domains are ignored.
    Delivery Status
    The delivery status of the profile message as reported by the receiving application.
    APPERR. Destination Application Error. An application error has occurred in the destination application (QAD Enterprise Applications, for example).
    DLV. Message Delivered Successfully to Subscriber. Response should show success for a DataSync profile type as it was successfully delivered to a Web service subscriber.
    For a subscriber using file directory service delivery the response will be:
    <QdocResponse>No Response XML Available</QdocResponse>
    because no parsing of the response has been performed. The DLV status here means the message was successfully written to the target directory on the file system.
    HOLD. The message not been sent and is being held up by a previous message (for the same rowid) that has an error status. The message that is in error needs to be corrected before the next message can be sent.
    PEND. Pending Message. No response has been generated yet as the message is waiting to be sent.
    SOAPERR. SOAP Fault Generated by QXI. Generated by the QXI Web service. The most common SOAPERR is:
    <description>QDoc is not supported</description>
    SNDERR. Infrastructure Errors. An infrastructure error exists in the subscriber. This error may occur if there was an internal server error or no response was received from the Web service, indicating there was a problem communicating with the service.
    SUP. Subscriber Message Not Sent, Superseded by Later Profile Message. No response is generated because the message was superseded by a later message.
    WAITACK. The message has been sent to the subscriber and is waiting for acknowledgement from the subscriber.
    WRN. Warning Exceptions Received. A warning has been returned from the destination application. For example:
    A record was in use by another user: aud_det in use by mfg,25 on pali505 3. Wait or press CTRL-C to stop. (121)
    Delivery Failures
    The number of times the profile message failed to be delivered successfully to the subscriber.
    Resubmitting or Deleting Requests
    Right-click a subscriber message in the Subscriber Messages tab to resubmit or delete the QDoc. You can choose:
    Resubmit Request to resubmit the selected subscriber message.
    Resubmit All Requests to resubmit the profile message to all related subscribers
    Delete Request to delete the selected subscriber message.
    Delete All Requests to delete all subscriber messages.
    Note: Messages are resubmitted according to the sending option defined for the subscriber. Messages for subscribers using the Send Immediately option are resubmitted immediately. Messages for subscribers using the Use Delivery Schedule option are resubmitted at the next scheduled delivery time.
    You can only resubmit a QDoc that has previously been delivered. If a superseded message is selected for resubmission, the latest version of the message is resubmitted to the subscriber. You cannot resubmit a pending message.
    During resubmission the profile message and subscriber detail records are locked to prevent another process from trying to resubmit the same QDoc message.
    An alert indicates whether message resubmission was successful or unsuccessful.