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  •     QAD Glossary

  • Updating Events Files
    The events files in QXI are .xml files containing program-specific keystroke and navigation. Events files for each QDoc-supported program are shipped with the product or are generated by the QGen product. You can maintain multiple copies of the events files for each QAD Enterprise Applications program to support either different paths through a program, or to test incremental performance improvements in update paths.
    These files must first be copied to the custom events directory; then a new event and the new program name must be added.
    Copy the events file you want to modify to the custom directory. The following example is for sales orders. Copy from:
    TOMCAT_HOME /webapps/<QXI webapp>/WEB-INF/events/eB2/sosomt-eB2_1.xml
    TOMCAT_HOME /webapps/<QXI webapp>/WEB-INF/events/eB2/custom/sosomte-B2_1.xml
    Edit the events schema file to add a new IterationEvent. The event must have an attribute of either preprocess or postprocess. This attribute defines the custom program to call when the iteration event is encountered. Use the following code fragment showing a preprocessing program as a model:
    <field uid="soNbr#0:a02" name="so_nbr" inheritevents="true">
    <IterationEvent iterationname="salesOrder" exititeration="f4" preprocess="xxMyPreProg.p"/>
    This sample runs xxMyPreProg.p before processing the QDoc.
    An equivalent postprocessing program call would appear as follows:
    <field uid="soNbr#0:a02" name="so_nbr" inheritevents="true">
    <IterationEvent iterationname="salesOrder" exititeration="f4" postprocess="xxMyPostProg.p"/>