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  • Product Fixes
    The Planning and Scheduling Workbenches maintenance fixes the following defects:
    Production Order Create and Modify Functions
    The system no longer displays a casting error after you create a production order record for different items within the MSW Schedule Grid.
    The QAD SE Advanced Repetitive Picklist Calculation ( no longer calculates an incorrect quantity if you split an order in the workbenches.
    The system no longer produces data errors when you assign a shift, then reassign a blank shift to a production order in the PSW Sequence Grid.
    Search Functions
    Site Maintenance (1.1.13) and Production Line Maintenance ( no longer cause lock table overflows. Previously, when processing a large number of work orders, a lock table overflow could result as the system processed work orders within one transaction. Code was changed so that the work order processing is done with one transaction per work order, thus preventing the lock tables from surpassing defined limits.
    SSM and PRM production orders with a non-blank FSM type other than RMA no longer cause the MSW search to return an error that informs you that the system was unable to process the request.
    Application Interface
    User Preferences labels were corrected so that long label strings, such as those that occur in the German language, display correctly.
    The Post Variances at SFC field in Work Order Maintenance (16.1) now displays in the Accounting tab in Production Order Maintenance within the workbenches.
    The system no longer displays a mismatched parameter error message in Schedule Maintenance ( when the Workbenches are disabled.
    Non-Workbench Functions
    New selection fields to include P(lanned), F(irm) Planned, E(xploded), A(llocated), and/or R(eleased) production orders were added to the reports and inquiries of the Capacity Requirements Planning (24) menu. Since the workbenches generate capacity loads for planned orders, planned order load was being included in the capacity load reports and inquiries. The new fields let you include or exclude load for orders of any status from the capacity load reports and inquiries.
    Component Availability Browse Collections
    The workbenches and QAD SE repetitive functions now explode global phantom component items when creating scheduled work orders. Previously, the workbench and QAD SE repetitive functions only included the component global phantom item when creating scheduled work orders.
    The CAC Shortage Monitor Report no longer displays incorrect values for the Buyer/Planner. Also, other Item Planning fields, such as Issue Policy, Pur/Mfg Code, and Item Replenishment fields are now correctly updated with values from Item-Site Master data, so the correct values display.
    Release Notes for Version eB2.1 /SE
    Planning and Scheduling Workbenches Version: 3.2.1
    Note: This release includes the Component Availability Check (CAC) role-based browse collections. For information on the browse collections, see “Role-Based Browse Collections”.
    Release Date: April 2011
    Active QAD maintenance license to leverage the workbenches
    eB2.1/SE package installed
    .NET UI 2.9.1 installed
    Minimum Progress versions required: OE10.1C04, OE10.2A02, OE10.2B
    License entered; to enter the license:
    Go to the QAD support site (URL on first page of these release notes).
    Select Downloads, Term License Key Request section.
    Enter a license key request for the workbenches for the site that holds your QAD maintenance contract.
    Supported languages: US English, Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
    User Guide: Planning and Scheduling Workbenches, item 70-3127B
    Administration Guide: Planning and Scheduling Workbenches, item 70-3128C
    Install Guide: Planning and Scheduling Workbenches, item 78-0938D
    Conversion Information: Planning and Scheduling Workbenches conversion information can be found in the Planning and Scheduling Workbenches Administration Guide.