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  •     QAD Glossary

  • Creating Access to Other Programs
    User Tool Maintenance (36.20.4) lets you specify programs that can be run from other programs. This makes it easier for you to run frequently used programs.
    Note: The relationships you define in User Tool Maintenance do not apply to any programs in the character interface and they do not apply to browses.
    How you define access to programs and the way you run them varies depending on whether you are using the Windows or Desktop interface.
    Windows Interface
    In the Windows interface, you can assign up to four buttons and four User Menu items to launch programs of your choice. You assign programs by user and program. You can change buttons for all users or only some. By default, programs assigned to buttons are also assigned to the User Menu.
    You can assign images to the buttons to make them easy to identify or use a text label only.
    Warning In the Windows interface, you generally assign browses and inquiries only to toolbar buttons. Running a maintenance program while working in another maintenance program can cause problems and is not recommended.
    Desktop Interface
    In the Desktop interface, you use User Tool Maintenance to assign links that let you access one program from another. These links display on the bottom of the program screen.
    Images do not apply to Desktop. The link displays the text label specified. If no label is specified, the standard menu description from Menu System Maintenance is used.
    When you click a link, the program opens in a new, detached window. You can run as many detached windows as the system settings allow.
    See User Guide: QAD Desktop for details on adding links.
    User Tool Maintenance
    User Tool Maintenance (36.20.4) illustrates the User Tool Maintenance screen.

    User Tool Maintenance (36.20.4)
    Enter a user ID or leave the field blank to assign the button or link to all users.
    Enter a program name or leave the field blank to assign to all programs. You can also use wild cards to specify where the options appear. Specifying pp* places the buttons and links in all programs beginning with pp.
    In the Exec fields, enter the program names (for example, adbr001) for the buttons or links to launch.
    In the Label fields, enter the button or link labels, which you can write as abbreviated program names; for example, Cust Maint.
    In the Windows interface, optionally enter the bitmap image file names in the Image fields. The image files must be in the user’s PROPATH.
    Displaying Buttons and Links
    You can assign programs to all users (blank user ID) or a specific user. You can also assign programs to a specific program or using wild cards. However, only one set of records displays when a user accesses a program. They system searches for the appropriate buttons or links to display in this order:
    Specific user ID and specific program name
    Specific user ID and program name with wildcards
    Blank user ID and specific program name
    Blank user ID and program name with wildcards
    The system displays buttons or links only for the first available combination it finds. Use User Tool Maintenance in combination with User Function Maintenance (36.4.11) to manage global and local access to programs. Specify the additional programs you want to display in one or the other.