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Defining Printer Types
Before setting up printers, define printer types using Printer Type Maintenance (36.13.1).

Printer Type Maintenance (36.13.1)
Printer Type
Select your printer type from the list of predefined types. If your printer type is not in the list, use a similar printer type or define a new one.
To define a new printer type, you specify a series of programming sequences to control printer characteristics and behavior in the following situations:
80-character-width print jobs
132-character-width print jobs
Barcode print jobs
Hardware initialize and reset
Using control characters, you define how your printer performs such tasks as modifying fonts, changing page orientations, producing multiple copies, and so forth. Your printer manual is the best resource for control code definitions.
Note: Without correct control codes, the related aspect of printer control will not work.
Use normal ASCII characters in the control fields. For nonprinting characters, also called control characters, use a slash and the three-digit ASCII number for the character. Control Characters lists characters frequently used in control sequences.

Control Characters
Control Character
Form Feed
Carriage Return
Default system data includes correct control sequences for some commonly used printers.
Note: One of the default printers is terminal. Use terminal in a character interface, window in a Windows interface, and page in QAD Desktop or .Net UI.

Sample Printer Control Codes
Printer reset
Folio paper format
Portrait orientation
Landscape orientation
Long edge binding (prints on both sides)
Bottom margin is 66 lines from top
Pitch 16.67, height 8.5, default style, thickness, font
Adjusts vertical index in steps of 1/48 inch
Pitch 16.67, height default, bold, courier (4X99)