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  •     QAD Glossary

  • Defining Rounding Methods
    The system lets you round monetary amounts in a manner consistent with a given currency.
    Three rounding methods exist by default:
    0. Round to zero decimals, using 0.5 as the rounding threshold.
    1. Round to one decimal, using 0.05 as the rounding threshold.
    2. Round to two decimals, using 0.005 as the rounding threshold.
    You can set up additional rounding methods as needed in Rounding Method Maintenance (36.2.9). After defining rounding methods, apply them to currencies in Currency Maintenance (26.1).

    Rounding Method Maintenance (36.2.9)
    Rounding Method
    Enter an alphanumeric code identifying the new rounding method to be created.
    Rounding Unit
    Enter the number of decimal places to which monetary values are rounded. For example, to specify rounding to three decimal places, enter 0.001.
    Rounding Threshold
    Enter the number at which monetary values are rounded up. This number must be less than the number entered for the rounding unit.
    For example, if the rounding unit is 0.001, entering 0.0025 for the rounding threshold tells the system that decimal values of 25 ten-thousandths and higher are to be rounded up to the nearest one-thousandth. Amounts are rounded based on their absolute value. For example, –9.99 is rounded the same as 9.99.
    Decimal Point
    Enter the character to be used as the decimal point in monetary values.
    Use Currency Maintenance (26.1) to apply rounding methods to currencies.

    Currency Maintenance (26.1)
    Review the rounding methods you define using Rounding Method Browse (36.2.10) or Rounding Method Report (36.2.11).