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  • Setting Up Database Connections
    Use Audit DB Maintenance ( to create and maintain connection parameters and active date range information for the system audit databases. These connection parameters are used by these functions:
    Audit Trail Report–Existing and Audit Trail Report–Deleted use the connection records to connect to the proper audit databases when reporting audit information.
    The Audit Trail Creation Process uses the connection record information to connect to the current active audit database when it needs to commit audit information from the staging area.
    If you use the Electronic Signatures function, the system uses the records to connect to the appropriate databases during signature archive and restore activities. See Archiving and Restoring Records.
    This program is similar to Database Connection Maintenance (36.6.1), but has some important differences:
    You do not specify a logical name for the connection. The logical name is managed internally by the system.
    You must specify a type of ORACLE if you are connecting to an Oracle database through a Progress schema holder.
    Connections to the audit databases are not permanent. The audit reports and Audit Trail Creation Process—as well as electronic signature archive and restore functions—use the connection information to connect to the audit databases as needed. These processes do not maintain a connection to an audit database after they have retrieved or committed the information they are handling.
    The system can connect to multiple audit databases simultaneously.
    Important: Audit databases must be configured and running before connecting to them using the connection parameters. Audit DB Maintenance does not start or stop audit databases. It only stores the connection parameters used to connect to them. You must set up external procedures to start up and shut down audit databases as needed.
    Example: When bringing up the system after a scheduled shutdown, a script is executed from the operating system. The script can be created from MFG/UTIL. Using a predefined list, the script starts up the audit databases for reporting. When the audit reports are run, they use the connection record parameters to connect to the appropriate databases and report audit information as required by the report selection criteria.
    Database connection parameters are defined by the way audit databases are implemented. The system administrator who creates and maintains the database provides the connection information required to set up the field values on this screen.
    For details, see the installation guide.

    Audit DB Maintenance (
    In the first frame, enter a name for this audit database connection record. The name must be 8 or less characters. It is used for tracking and maintaining your database connection information. It does not necessarily have to be the physical name given to the audit database.