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    Release Notes for Current Release
    PRECISION Web UI Version: 4.6
    Release Date: September 2012
    Related Documentation
    The following documents have been created for this release:
    User Guide: Base Web UI (item 70-3263-4.6)
    Administration Guide: Base Web UI (item 70-3264-4.6)
    The documents are available in the QAD Document Library:
    Web UI Functionality
    New User Experience Features
    PRECISION Web UI 4.6 extends the capabilities of the Web UI in several areas. See the User Guide and the Admin Guide for detailed information on the new features.
    Consolidate and Ship Module
    A new Consolidate and Ship option allows for the building and shipping of consolidation transactions. The consolidation process involves the selection of items (by shipping quantity or inner quantity or outer quantity), lots (by shipping quantity or inner quantity or outer quantity), and serial numbers from one or more transactions to build a consolidation. You can build the consolidation using drag-and-drop, barcode scanners, the keyboard, and mouse input. The shipping process can be dynamically configured through PRECISION workflow tasks and is linked to the underlying PRECISION workflow module. Items can be added and removed from an existing consolidation as required. This functionality is available under the new option SNPKCS.
    Short Shipping
    New Short Ship functionality allows you to partially ship a transaction. The user can remove one or more items, lots, or specific serial numbers from a transaction before shipping the transaction. The items removed from the transaction are then available for selection and can be:
    Added to a new transaction for shipping or back ordering.
    Consolidated onto an existing transaction.
    Route, Reference and Container Task
    A Route, Reference and Container task with the option WFTRRC has been added. The task is an accumulation of the following Windows UI features:
    Route, booking, and container
    References and other details
    Route details
    The new task is displayed in the following screen shots.

    Route, Reference and Container: References and Partners Tab

    Route, Reference and Container: Dates and Locations Tab

    Route, Reference and Container: User Defined and Other Tab
    Document Printing
    The document task has been modified to allow easier previewing and e-mailing of documents. A PDF preview button and e-mail button are now always shown regardless of locale. A print button has been added to the left of each document, which allows the user to print to document distribution lists.
    In addition, the document task now can now display the user document distribution list and document printing history information.

    Documents Task
    The following issues have also been fixed:
    Desktop shipping producing additional documents such as an invoice or packing list on the confirmation step when template property allowed_documents is set.
    Issues with the document print task BBSPRT.
    New Configuration Features
    Translation Overhaul
    An advanced translation framework is available for key screens in the Web UI. The workflow portal, workflow tasks, PEM, PEM tasks, scan pack ship, and the EOD page now use this framework. If any of these pages are run by a user who is a translation administrator, the translation framework displays a translate literals button.

    Translation Literals Button

    Translation Literals Screen
    The basic translation framework has been revised so that translation can be stored in the database. These pages now use the same content as the advanced translation framework. However, the literals are stored as system literals. They can be changed by using the translate literals pop-up available from a page supporting the advanced translation framework.
    A comprehensive lists of literals used by the Web UI has been generated and translated into German, French, Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese, Italian, and Simplified Chinese.

    Web UI: Language Pack Login Screen
    Note: A follow-up content pack containing the translated literals will be made available for the Web UI 4.6 in October 2012.
    Customization Framework
    A new Web UI customization framework has been introduced. This aims to provide an improved approach to applying customer specific customizations. With this release, five levels of customization are now available:
    A customization project that contains modified code, built on top of core code. This will remove the need for invasive customizations.
    An advanced dynamic configurator is provided for core screens: Scan, Pack and Ship, Workflow, and certain workflow tasks.
    An advanced method of injecting new JS and JSP files into certain core screens.
    Language Translations.
    The primary customization approach is the Customer - Web UI project, which allows you to maintain any customization for a customer in a separate project. The project will only contain the source files that relate to changes that are applied for the customer. Advantages of this approach include:
    Enables you to maintain a PRECISION Web UI customization project that contains only customer specific enhancements.
    Allows for an easier upgrade process from Web UI 4.6 to a later release.
    Provides greater control over what new functionality is added for the customer after the customer has started testing or is already live.
    XML Upload
    There is a new page that allows users to upload standard PRECISION XML files. This functionality is available under the updated option XML and allows you to upload data exported from the Windows UI.

    XML Upload Page
    Access to JBoss Log Files from PRECISION Web UI
    A new Log Information page that lists application log files is available. This page provides an administrator with easy access to the log files produced by the PRECISION solution. The page can run in two modes:
    It tries to determine the location of log files based on the configuration.
    A system value details the log folders and files to display.
    This functionality is available under the new option LI.

    Log Information Page
    Basic translations are cached to reduce database I/Os. This cache can now be cleared from the admin page. Case tool data used to build screens from the program builder records can also be cleared from the admin page.

    Clear Cache Update
    New Deployment Features
    Skins are now distributed as war files. A sample cust skin is provided as an exploded war file in the deploy directory. This can be used as a starting point to creating a customer specific skin.
    The static content of the Web UI ear file has been broken out into a new precision-webui-static war file. This reduces the size of the Web UI ear file.
    Translation content is deployed as a separate war file. There is a new precision-webui-translation.war in the JBoss deploy folder.

    New WAR Files
    All Oracle index hints have been removed from the SQL queries generated by Web UI.
    Highway Release Notes
    Highway version is now 3.3.0.
    Extra Web Services
    An extended number of Web services are supported by Highway. The solution now offers the EOD and compliance Web services. The full list of services available is:
    SAP-specific issues with the PRECISION WSDL file have been corrected. The new WSDL file can be found in or requested from Highway using the URL http://localhost:8080/highway/ws/precision?wsdl.
    OTM Connector
    A new connector is provided that plugs into Oracle Transportation Management. This allows rate offerings to call out to PRECISION for small parcel freight and accessorial costs.
    Rates are returned to OTM when a Rate Inquiry is performed or when orders are released and shipments created.
    Resolved Defects
    The issue where only first two endpoint properties were stamped on a message has been fixed. Now, all five endpoint properties are added to the message.
    The UTF-8 issue, which can occur when XML response contains Simplified Chinese characters, has also been fixed.
    The following changes have been made to the installation:
    How To documents are now installed in PDF format.
    JBoss is now configured to clear down temporary compiled JSP files created in the work directory. The following is set by default in the \deploy\jboss-web.deployer\META-INF\jboss-service.xml file:
    <attribute name="DeleteWorkDirOnContextDestroy">true</attribute>

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