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  • General UI Notes
    Desktop Shipping consists of a wizard with a number of steps. Each step is a screen with a title, navigation buttons, and one or more sections containing input fields. Method/References Step shows the Method/References step.

    Method/References Step
    To navigate the steps, click Next and Previous. You can also click the forward and back arrows next to the step title. To exit Desktop Shipping and go to the main menu on the home page, click Home or the Home icon. To clear the contents of all fields on a screen, click the Clear icon.
    The numbers on the top right side of the page indicate the step that you are on. The current step is peach, completed steps are orange, and steps left to complete are white, as in Desktop Shipping Wizard Steps.

    Desktop Shipping Wizard Steps
    Roll the mouse over a step to view the title of the step. When you create a shipment, a reference number for the shipment appears to the right of the wizard numbers. A help icon can also appear next to the wizard steps. Desktop Shipping steps are highly configurable. Therefore, the experience of using the Desktop Shipping wizard varies from implementation to implementation. Despite this variation, there are a number of points to note about common UI behavior:
    Mandatory fields. Mandatory field names appear in bold font, and with a blue background.
    Field types and default values. Fields can be empty by default or can contain default values. Similarly, certain fields can appear as free text fields or as a drop-down list.
    Some fields have a help icon next to them, which provides useful information about the field.
    The field lookup icon allows you to view a list of possible values for a field.
    A calendar icon appears next to fields that require a date value. To select a date, click the calendar icon, or enter the date manually.
    Currency fields appear with an additional field and lookup icon so that you can specify the currency. Similarly, fields representing weight or size dimensions may allow you to specify the unit of measure in an accompanying field, or they may default to pounds and ounces.
    Messages may appear in a pop-up window when you click Next. These messages can advise you that you have omitted required details or can be for information purposes.
    The input fields are split into sections within each page. Each section has a title, which displays in blue. In some cases, only the section title appears; to view the fields, click the plus icon. To hide the fields, click the minus icon.
    Note: Each field has a default name, but the administrator can change any of the field names that appear in Desktop Shipping. This user guide refers to the default field names.