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    QAD Warehousing Release Notes
    September 2012
    These release notes include information about QAD Warehousing for QAD 2012.1 Enterprise Edition (EE). These changes may affect the way you implement and use QAD Warehousing. Review this document before installing the new QAD Warehousing release.
    QAD highly recommends that you implement the latest QAD Warehousing release available. Check the QAD Online Support Center to make sure you have the latest QAD Warehousing release notes, installation guide, and installation media:
    Use the following list to find a specific release:
    Release Notes for Current Release
    QAD Warehousing Version: QAD Warehousing for QAD 2012.1 Enterprise Edition
    Release Date: September 2012
    Supported languages: US English, Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
    User Guide: QAD Warehousing, item 70-3185-2012.1EE
    Installation/Conversion Guide: QAD Warehousing installation information can be found in the installation documentation for QAD Enterprise Applications 2012.1 Enterprise Edition.
    Note: The QAD Warehousing Enterprise Edition (EE) installation process differs from the QAD Warehousing Standard Edition (SE) installation process. Please review the installation and conversion guide before you begin installation or conversion.
    The following improvements were made to QAD Warehousing for this release:
    The RF BP Pick SO/DO (3.1) option now displays the cursor correctly in the SO Line, Item, and Lot fields for the selected sales order. Previously, the cursor shifted to the right of the RF screen.
    When you use the RF Select Task (1.3) option to select a task created for a PO receipt and you alter the location, lot, or quantity, the system now correctly generates an exception task print operation. Previously, when you altered location, lot, or quantity for a task and set internal routing for exception printing, the system failed to print the exception report.
    Also, exception printing now works for bulk- and replenishment-picking tasks performed within batch picking. Previously, the system sent exception reports, but either displayed an incorrect quantity or displayed a zero and unconfirmed quantity with the exception report.
    The system now correctly generates a new pallet reference for a next pallet and validates existing pallet references that you enter. Previously, the system did not generate a next pallet reference number when you entered a pallet ID (reference), even though you set system controls to generate a next reference number. Also, previously, the system did not validate when a pallet ID was automatically generated to see if the pallet ID already exists.
    Purchase Order Receipts (5.13.1) no longer displays an error message and now properly creates warehouse tasks for a subcontract PO when you set the Multi Entry field to No. Previously, the program displayed a Progress error and failed to create warehouse tasks when you set the Purchase Order Receipts Multi Entry field to No.
    Inspection History Maintenance (4.19.17) no longer displays a Progress error and now correctly displays values in the Qty to Insp field.
    The RF Inspection (4.) option now maintains focus in the RF screen when you enter values in the Sample ID and Ret Qty fields. Previously, the system displayed the word, insert, and the screen lost focus.
    The RF BP Pick SO/DO (3.1) option no longer displays question marks (???) in the Weight field when the weight of an item is more than three digits. Previously, the system displayed the question marks for the weight.
    The system now checks for entry of duplicate pallets on different purchase orders during a purchase order receipt. Previously, the receipt program did not correctly check for duplicate pallet IDs when it processed the receipt, so there were no guarantees that the pallet was not previously created by some other transaction.
    The RF Select Task (1.2) option now displays an invalid location error and prevents you from confirming a task from the receive location to the stage-in location when you enter an invalid stage-in location and enter an invalid stage-in location in the Loc field. Previously, when you defined a stage-in location in Warehouse Location Maintenance (4.3.13) but entered an invalid location, the system did not display an error message and proceeded with the confirmation.
    Also, the RF Select Task (1.2) option now displays an invalid location error when you define a stage-out location in Warehouse Location Maintenance (4.3.13) and you enter an invalid or blank location in the Loc(ation) field. Previously, the system displayed the wrong error message, which informed you that inventory or tasks were not available.
    Sample Inspection Maintenance (4.19.1) now correctly creates transactions for a partial quantity of stock when the returned quantity is less than the inspection quantity. Previously, the system created a transaction for the entire inspection quantity.
    Wave Release Groups Creation (4.15.9) now correctly generates a new release group for a new task when you set the Generate Release Groups field to Yes and the system generates additional picking tasks within an existing task. Previously, in the above scenario, a new release group was not generated.
    The RF BP Pick SO/DO (3.1) option now correctly prompts you to post-print labels and correctly prints the labels when you perform a partial pick and set the Post-Print Option field to option 2 (Prompt to postprint labels) in Batch Picking Control (4.15.24). Previously, the system did not prompt to post-print labels.
    The RF BP Pick SO/DO (3.1) option no longer displays an error message informing you that generalized codes do not exist when you use custom routings in Int Routing Assignment maint (4.2.9). Previously, when you attempted to use a custom routing in the program, the system displayed the error message.
    Warehouse Location Maintenance (4.3.13) now displays the correct percent full value for the source location when you confirm a replenishment task and move inventory from the source location to the destination location for a single item pallet. The source location percent full value depends on how you set the Logistics UM Tolerance field in Item-Warehouse Maintenance (4.4.11) and the UM Conversion field in Unit of Measure Maintenance (1.13). Previously, the system incorrectly displayed the percent full value.
    Task Maintenance (80.11.1) displays the correct values for the Time and Tasks fields when selection criteria include a site and warehouse. Also, Performance by Task Report ( now displays the correct value for the following fields:
    % of Total
    Previously, the system displayed incorrect values for the fields.
    The box picking functions now correctly create tasks when the quantity on hand is greater than the required box quantity. The system correctly creates tasks only when the quantity on hand is equal to or greater than the box quantity plus the picked quantity.
    Replenishment-Location Maint (4.16.5) now has improved performance when there is an extremely large number of records for Unit of Measure Maintenance (1.13).
    The system now displays data correctly in Warehouse Location Maintenance (4.3.13).

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