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    QAD Warehousing Release Notes
    March 2013
    These release notes include information about QAD Warehousing for QAD 2013 Enterprise Edition (EE). These changes may affect the way you implement and use QAD Warehousing. Review this document before installing the new QAD Warehousing release.
    QAD highly recommends that you implement the latest QAD Warehousing release available. Check the QAD Online Support Center to make sure you have the latest QAD Warehousing release notes, installation guide, and installation media:
    Use the following list to find a specific release:
    Release Notes for Current Release
    QAD Warehousing Version: QAD Warehousing for QAD 2013 Enterprise Edition
    Release Date: March 2013
    Supported languages: US English, Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese
    User Guide: QAD Warehousing, item 70-3185-2013EE
    Installation/Conversion Guide: QAD Warehousing installation information can be found in the installation documentation for QAD Enterprise Applications March 2013 Enterprise Edition.
    Note: The QAD Warehousing Enterprise Edition (EE) installation process differs from the QAD Warehousing Standard Edition (SE) installation process. Please review the installation and conversion guide before you begin installation or conversion.
    The following improvements were made to QAD Warehousing for this release:
    The RF Select Task (1.2) option now generates an error informing you of an invalid location and no longer lets you confirm tasks from the receipt location to the stage-in location when you:
    Set the Stage (In) field for the destination location in Warehouse Location Maintenance (4.3.13).
    Set set the Automatic Location field in QAD EE’s Site Maintenance (1.1.13) to No.
    Change the stage-in location when confirming a task.
    Previously, in the above scenario, the system let you change the stage-in location and did not display an error; however, you could not proceed with processing.
    Cycle Count Generation (4.8.12) now correctly generates the cycle count worksheet for the past due items and correctly considers the site-specific cycle count interval that you set in Item-Site Inventory Data Maint (1.4.16). Previously, the system only considered the cycle count worksheet’s default cycle count interval of 120 days.
    Purchase Order Receipts (5.13.1) no longer displays an error informing you that generalized code does not exist when the system uses a custom routing in Int Routing Assignment Maint (4.2.9) for inspection and you have not defined a generalized code for an inspection for an internal routing group in Generalized Codes Maintenance (36.2.13). Previously, the system displayed an error message in this scenario.
    The RF Print Paperwork (3.8) option no longer causes the system to display a Progress error informing you that a mismatched number of parameters were passed to routines, and now correctly prints the pre-shipper or shipper, considering the value of the Print Customer Address field in Batch Picking Control (4.15.24). Previously, the system displayed the Progress error and did not print the pre-shipper or shipper.
    The RF Order Sel Task (1.14) option now correctly displays picklist number as the order number for repetitive orders created using Repetitive Picklist Calculation ( Previously, the system displayed the site instead of the order number in the above scenario.
    The RF Select Task (1.2) option now directly goes to the task confirmation process for confirming the task after typing the reference number. Previously, the system prompted you to click the Return key after you entered the reference number.
    The following RF programs no longer displays tasks for users in work location groups when you have not assigned the users in User Work Location Group Maint (
    Order Sel Task (1.14)
    Select Tasks (1.2)
    PreShip Sel Task (1.7)
    Wave Sel Task (1.15)
    RF Bulk Pick Sel Task (1.16)
    RF Receiver Sel Task (1.17)

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