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  • Release Notes for Current Release
    QAD Warehousing Version: 3.0.8
    Release Date: November 2012
    Compatibility for 3.0.8: eB2.1 Service Pack 2 to Service Pack 4, QAD 2007 and 2007.1, QAD 2008, 2008.1, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 Standard Edition (SE)
    Note: QAD Warehousing supports only the Progress database.
    Supported languages: US English, Castilian Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Slovak, Latin Spanish, Czech, Lithuanian, and Russian
    User Guide: QAD Warehousing, item 70-3154-3.0.8
    Installation Guide: QAD Warehousing, item 78-0946-3.0.8
    New Features
    Changes to this version of QAD Warehousing mainly consist of compatibility with the QAD SE 2012 release and the following:
    The RF Ship Truck (3.5) option now lets you print the DO shipper on the fly by displaying the shipper number and output destination in a new frame. The program no longer displays the Shipping Information, Carrier Information, Trailer Information, and Print Shipper frames when you create, then print the shipper on the fly.
    This version of QAD Warehousing includes the following fixes:
    Item Number Change (80.4.21) now copies the item data of the item number you are changing that you defined in Item Maintenance (80.4.7) to the new item number. Previously, the new item did not contain the data of the old item.
    The RF Select Task (1.2) option:
    No longer displays a Progress error when all of the following exist:
    You confirm a pick task.
    You create a cycle recount task.
    You set the Opportunity Counts field to Yes in Storage Location Group Maint (80.3.1).
    The quantity on hand for the item falls below the OPC threshold level that you set in Item-Warehouse Maintenance (80.4.11).
    Now lets you confirm a move task of a valid pallet reference from the receive location to the stage-in location when you set the system flavor to B in Work Location Group Maintenance (4.3.9).
    Now lets you confirm the task of multi-item pallet transfers between locations that you created using Transfer By Reference (80.17.1) when you set the system flavor to B in Work Location Group Maint (80.3.9). Previously, an error message displayed.
    Item Number Change (80.4.21) no longer converts the new item number into upper case when you enter the item in lower case. Previously, the program converted the new item number into upper-case letters.
    Work Order Component Issue (16.10) now correctly creates a task when you return a component to inventory that you previously issued against a work order. Previously, the system did not create a task.
    Movement Conf. Workbench (80.8.4):
    Now displays the open transactions for the confirmation when you execute a confirmation for open criteria and you confirm one of the tasks using the RF Select Task (1.2) option. Previously, the system displayed an error.
    No longer creates engine history records when you set the Engine Processing History field to No in Engine Control Maintenance (80.7.24). Previously, it created engine history records.
    For performance improvements:
    Picklist/Pre-Shipper - Automatic (7.9.1) has improved performance when you set an algorithm to option 3 in Algorithm Assignment Maintenance (80.6.9).
    Replenishment-Location Maint (80.16.13) has improved performance when there are many Unit of Measure Maintenance (1.13) records.
    Receipts - Unplanned (3.9) no longer displays an error, indicating that it could not find a location, and now creates the put-away task correctly when:
    You set the Alternative UM field to 13 in Internal Routing Maintenance (80.2.5).
    Storage location has enough capacity to store the item.
    For QAD Warehousing in other languages:
    Progress errors no longer display when you use:
    Open Order Report (80.15.3) in the French environment.
    Replenishment Request (80.16.5) and RF Batch Pick-SO (3.1) in the Polish environment.
    Warehouse Control File Maintenance (80.1.24) now displays frame titles in Chinese.
    The RF Login now correctly displays all characters of a location when the location code is more than seven characters long. Previously, the system only displayed the first character of the location.
    Bulk Pick Order Line Selection (80.12.1) now correctly approves the selected order lines when you set Auto Approve to Yes. Previously, the system did not approve the selected order lines.
    Warehouse Transaction Inquiry (80.9.1) now correctly displays FAIL-PO transactions when an inspection fails using the RF Insp Result (5.1) option. Previously, failed inspection results did not create the FAIL-PO transactions.
    Work Order Receipt (16.11) now correctly creates a warehouse task in Warehouse Transaction Inquiry (4.9.1) with you set the priority in WO Receipts Whse Data Maint (4.13.8). Previously, the system created the task using the priority specified in Internal Routing Maintenance (4.2.5).
    Pre-Shipper/Shipper Workbench (7.9.2) no longer displays a Progress error and correctly updates the tare weight and net weight for levels zero (0) and one (1) when you move the items of one container into another container.
    Item-Warehouse Maintenance (80.4.11) now correctly displays the frame title and column label of the last frame in both character and .NET UI versions of the program. Previously, the system did not display the frame title and column labels in the .NET UI version and only displayed the frame title in the character version.
    The RF Kanban Scan (1.5) option now correctly displays a message, indicating that a replenishment did not complete when the system did not generate a replenishment task. Previously, the system displayed a message indicating that a replenishment completed in this scenario.
    Inspection History Maintenance (4.19.17) no longer displays a Progress error, indicating values cannot display when they are greater than 9.9999, and correctly displays values for the Qty to Insp field when a sample fails an inspection in the RF Inspection Results (4) option.
    Purchase Order Receipts (5.13.1)
    No longer displays the multi-entry frame when you set the Multi Entry field to No. Previously, the multi-entry frame displayed in .NET UI.
    Now correctly defaults the Multi Entry field to Yes when you define the UM conversion in Unit of Measure Maintenance (1.13) for the item, and the system uses the alternate UM as the logistics UM in Item-Warehouse Maintenance (80.4.11) within the .NET UI.
    Also, the system now correctly generates pallets within the GUI environment when you press Enter in the same scenario.
    Now correctly displays a warning, indicating that a receiving site is different from PO site when you change the site code during a PO receipt.
    Now passes the correct input parameters for site, warehouse, location, part, lot number, reference, dataset, purchase order number, order line, and transaction type to a custom program that you define in Internal Routing Maintenance (4.2.9).
    Now displays a warning message, indicating that the lot/serial number is required when you leave the Lot/Ser field blank for a lot-controlled item and set the Multi Entry field to Yes. Also, in this scenario, it no longer generates the pallets when you set the logistics UM of the item specified in Item-Warehouse Maintenance (80.4.11) to be different from the base UM of the item.
    Transfer Single Item (80.17.4) and Transfer By Reference (80.17.1) now correctly consume the entire capacity of a destination location when it is not full. Previously, the system consumed the entire capacity of the destination location.
    Work Order Release/Print (16.6) and Picklist/Pre-Shipper - Automatic (7.9.1) now correctly create a PICK-WO task when the quantity on hand of an item is greater than the required pick quantity. Previously, neither program created a task.
    Performance by Task Report ( now correctly displays values for the Time, Average, Tasks, Total, and % of Total fields, and Task Maintenance (80.11.1) now correctly displays the correct value for the Time and Task fields when you define a site and warehouse for the selection criteria. Previously, the system displayed incorrect values.
    Location Maintenance ( now correctly displays the items linked with the respective location when you press End in the last frame and view items of the previous location. Previously, the system displayed incorrect items.
    Performance by Task Report ( now displays the correct values in the Totals and Subtotals fields, considers only tasks confirmed using RF options, no longer prompts for multiple space bars, and no longer waits for multiple space bars when you set the Calculate Average Time field to Yes. Previously, it displayed incorrect totals and confirmed tasks.
    Cycle Count Results Entry (3.14) now updates the alternate UM in Inventory Detail Inquiry (80.9.13) when you define the alternate UM for the item in Unit of Measure Maintenance (1.13) and you complete a cycle count using CIM Data Load Processor (36.15.2). Previously, the system displayed the alternate UM incorrectly in this scenario.
    Warehouse Trans. History Inquiry (80.9.2) now displays the correct value in the To Location field when you confirm a task with a zero (0) quantity using the RF Select Task (1.2) option. Previously, the system displayed a blank in the To Location field.
    Receipts - Unplanned (3.9) no longer merges the inventory of an item in the same location when the expiration date difference between the existing inventory and the newly received inventory is not less than the Same Days field value specified in Item-Warehouse Maintenance (80.4.11) and you use the putaway algorithm type (PA) with algorithms that specify merge rules.
    Logistic Palletization/Transfer (80.17.17) now correctly splits a single pallet into multiple pallets and creates the tasks correctly for new pallets you create when you set the Create New Pallet field to Yes. Previously, in this scenario, the system displayed a Progress error.
    The system now functions correctly when you use configurable items with a sales order type set to Physical or Phantom. Previously, in 2011 and 2011.1 SE, the configurator did not correctly create sales orders, even though the system created master sales order data for variants, items, BOMs, and so on, and you had to deactivate QAD Warehousing to continue.