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  • Release Notes for Version 3.0.4
    Advanced Inventory Management Version: 3.0.4 and SSD 3.0.4
    Release Date: March 2008
    Compatibility for 3.0.4: eB2, Service Pack 12
    Compatibility for SSD 3.0.4: QAD Enterprise Applications 2008 - Standard Edition
    Note: This release supports only the service packs listed. For AIM support for earlier eB, eB2, or eB2.1 service packs, contact your QAD customer service representative.
    Supported languages: US English, Castilian Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Slovak, Latin Spanish, Czech, Lithuanian, and Russian
    User Guide: Advanced Inventory Management, item 78-0650A
    Installation Guide: Advanced Inventory Management, item 78-0649B
    Fixes for AIM 3.0.4 and AIM SSD 3.0.4
    This release includes performance improvements in AIM, elimination of compile errors for some languages in AIM, and fixes for both the Radio Frequency (RF) and system versions of AIM. In addition to performance improvements, the following fixes were made:
    Receipt Unplanned (3.9) now correctly considers storage location groups (SLGs) in alphabetical order if more than one SLG for storage and algorithm type is LF (Location Find). Previously, SLGs were not considered in alphabetical order. Also, Receipts-Unplanned are correctly formatted for .NET UI.
    Purchase Order Receipts (5.13.1) now correctly creates tasks for inventory movement from receipt to storage if you specify that the SLG associated with the receipt location is receipt only in Storage Location Group Maint (80.3.1).
    Sales Order Manual Allocations (7.1.6) now displays the following error message when there is an internal transaction from the same location:
    Qty allocated would exceed qty available at this location
    Previously, the system allocated inventory and did not display an error message.
    Sequence Pre-Shipper - Automatic ( no longer locks the Number Range Master table (nr_mstr) when inventory movement codes and shipping groups are defined with unique number range sequences for pre-shippers and shippers. Previously, the system displayed an error message and prompted you to either wait or end the AIM session.
    Sales Quote Maintenance (7.12.1) now lets you process orders while entering a sales quote for kit items and no longer displays the following Progress error:
    No so_mstr record available
    Work Order Receipt (16.11) now considers the alternate unit of measure (UM) defined in Unit of Measure Maintenance (1.13) when receiving a work order with a negative quantity. Previously, the system assigned a blank alternate UM when receiving negative inventory.
    Item Master Maintenance (80.4.5) no longer locks the Item Master Shadow table (ptmstrS) after you cancel. Previously, when you cancelled, the system displayed a message indicating the table was in use and prompted you to either wait or end the AIM session.
    Movement Conf. By Transaction (80.8.1) now correctly updates the quantity expected in the transaction detail table when confirming a transaction. Previously, the system did not correctly update the quantity expected.
    Movement Conf. WorkBench (80.8.4) now displays a maximum of 11 digits including decimals in the Expected, Actual, and Confirmation Quantity fields. It also creates correct transfers while modifying a movement task created in Transfer Single Item (80.17.4) with quantities that have 11 decimals including the decimal places.
    Percentage Full By Store Loc Gp (80.9.17) no longer displays different data in two different QAD ERP applications. Previously, when the location was changed during task confirmation using the RF Task Confirmation (1.2) option, the system displayed different data in two different QAD ERP applications.
    Wave Replenishment (80.15.4) now correctly generates replenishment tasks for a wave with distribution orders. Previously, replenishment tasks were not generated for waves with distribution orders.
    Order Detail Status Inquiry (80.15.9) displays pre-shippers faster. Previously, performance was slow. It also no longer displays the error message:
    Unable to understand after - OrderMTT.Datase
    Replenishment-SLG Maintenance (80.16.17) now lets you define a replenishment SLG with a date range and no longer displays the following warning message:
    WARNING: Date ranges may not overlap.
    It also lets you create a replenishment-SLG for a warehouse within the same site.
    Transfer By Reference (80.17.1) now correctly creates AIM transactions and no longer generates the following error message in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM):
    ERROR: Reference does not exist
    Previously, AIM transactions were not created for the transfer and error messages were output to a file.
    Transfer Single Item (80.17.4) now displays the following message and prompt if the system transfers to a location defined with a capacity of 99999.9999:
    Only # will be moved. OK to Confirm ?
    Where # is the quantity to transfer.
    Additionally, the system now correctly calculates the location full percentage if the alternate UM conversion is defined in decimals and the capacity for the location is defined in pallet conversions.
    Pallet Constitution/Transfer (80.17.20) now displays the following error message when creating a pallet for the item stocked in a location that has a consigned quantity:
    Consigned Inventory exists in the transfer qty for item #. Please re-enter.
    Previously, it allowed to you to create a pallet when the pallet quantity was a consigned quantity.
    AIM no longer creates inspection workfile records, regardless of whether inspections were performed. The new Create Inspection Workfile Records? field was added to the Quality Inspection Control File (80.22.24) so that users can specify when AIM creates inspection workfile records. Set the field to No to prevent the system from creating inspection workfile records.
    The AIM whwave08.p internal program now compiles properly in all environments. Previously, compiles failed because the system incorrectly wrote the table prefix.
    The RF Next Task (1.1) option includes the following fixes:
    Correctly updates the inventory status only after confirming repick tasks. Previously, the system updated the FAIL status to a location status once a repick task was confirmed.
    Correctly changes the task label when switching tasks. Previously, the system did not change task labels when switching tasks.
    No longer displays the Invalid Detail Ref error message and lets warehouse users confirm the task when they use system flavor B, use stage-out locations, and set TO Reference field to 1. Previously, the system displayed an error message and did not let warehouse users confirm the task.
    Note: You set system flavor codes in Generalized Code Maintenance (36.2.13 or The codes relate to display of information in situations such as fork-lift truck screens or RFs.
    RF Next Task and Select Task (1.2) now correctly confirm picking tasks created for work orders with system flavor B when there are two location detail records with the same reference for different parts. Previously, the system displayed an error message in this scenario.
    The RF Transfer (1.3) option now rolls back transactions when the user cancels prior to completing the task. Previously, when users cancelled, transactions where not rolled back and the system created OTF-TR transactions for movement tasks.
    The RF Preship Sel Task (1.7) option no longer lets warehouse users switch tasks between two pre-shippers. Previously, the system let users switch tasks between two pre-shippers.
    The RF PO Receipt (1.8) option now runs if warehouse users select it from the Work (1.) menu. Also, RF PO Receipt now deletes both the reference and item when users press 3 at the reference level. Previously, warehouse users had to delete the reference separately after deleting the item within the reference.
    The RF Stock Inquiry (1.9) option now displays eight characters for the Loc(ation). Previously, only seven characters displayed.
    The RF Batch Pick-SO (3.1) option now:
    Correctly calculates net weight and gross weight for a pre-shipper at the pre-shipper header level when you use a container and the pick task fails. Previously, the system incorrectly calculated net and gross weight under these conditions.
    Creates repick tasks for the same wave when warehouse users repick for a pre-shipper from the wave. Previously, the system created repick tasks for a pre-shipper in a different wave.
    Correctly displays the movement task to the same dispatch location while confirming a repick task. Previously, the system displayed the next dispatch location while confirming a repick task.
    Correctly validates the container number when warehouse users press F6 to drop all. Also, the option no longer displays an error message if a container with container ID 0 exits. Previously, it incorrectly validated the container number and displayed an error message.
    No longer lets warehouse users enter a negative quantity when batch picking a sales order and displays an Invalid Qty error message when warehouse users enter a negative quantity:
    The RF Container Build (3.3) option no longer lets users add a box to a different container if the box has been shipped and confirmed.
    A new AIM -rereadnolock startup script parameter prevents the system from incorrectly displaying the quantity on hand when warehouse users perform a cycle count, then recount the quantity from the RF device. Previously, the system did not display the correct adjusted quantity of an item if users previously viewed item data through an inquiry program.