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  • Release Notes for Version 3.0.5
    Advanced Inventory Management Version: 3.0.5 and SSD 3.0.5
    Release Date: October 2009
    Compatibility for 3.0.5: eB2, Initial release to Service Pack 13
    Compatibility for SSD 3.0.5: eB2.1 SP2 to SP4; QAD 2007 and 2007.1; QAD 2008, 2008.1, and 2009 Standard Edition
    Note: AIM supports only the Progress database.
    Supported languages: US English, Castilian Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Slovak, Latin Spanish, Czech, Lithuanian, and Russian
    User Guide: Advanced Inventory Management, item 78-0650A
    Installation Guide: Advanced Inventory Management, item 78-0649C
    Fixes for AIM 3.0.5
    The following fixes and improvements were made in AIM 3.0.5:
    General improvements and corrections were made, including:
    Issues when confirming tasks on the RF were corrected.
    The Cancel function (F4 key) now operates correctly on the RF, letting you properly exit programs.
    RF functions now correctly clear the screen before starting a transaction confirmation.
    RF locking issues were resolved.
    RF Repick functionality now operates correctly with kits.
    AIM now correctly calculates the due date for scheduled orders.
    You can now repick for kanban replenishment tasks.
    All functionality for overstock replenishment operations is implemented and available.
    RF menus now reside under menu 80.26.
    The domain clause was added to MFG/PRO tables for AIM programs in eB2.1.
    AIM installation was improved for non-US English languages.
    RF Next Task (1.1) now:
    Picks up tasks in a sequence. Previously, tasks were picked up randomly for the same priority.
    No longer gives Progress TranD errors or errors regarding runtime parameters when warehouse staff confirm cycle count tasks.
    No longer displays inventory conflict errors and correctly merges received inventory into existing inventory with the same reference and status when users receive a PO for which there was a partial receipt and Keep from Status set is No in Internal Routing Maintenance (80.2.5).
    RF Select Task (1.2):
    Now recognizes the reference associated with the task when the keyboard is used to type the reference instead of using the arrow keys. Previously, the system did not recognize the reference.
    Now lets you access a task that is soft assigned to another user. Also, all issues were corrected when a user attempts to access a task started by another user.
    No longer displays tasks locked by pre-shipper select task and RF batch picking operations. Previously, locked tasks appeared although users could not select them.
    No longer displays transfer error messages when you transfer a pallet to a single item location and the pallet contains multiple lot numbers for the same item.
    Now correctly displays the values in the Item and Lot/Serial fields and displays the complete value for the Reference field when transferring the item from one location to another. Previously, the value for Item and Lot/Serial displayed as blank and the value for Reference was displayed incorrectly.
    No longer displays system error messages when Check Digit is set to Yes in Warehouse Maintenance (80.1), and the user transfers a pallet from one location to another location.
    No longer displays transfer error messages when staff transfer pallets to a single item location and the pallet contains multiple lot numbers for the same item.
    No longer transfers inventory to the destination location when users cancel the transaction using CTRL-C.
    Now displays an Inspection Pending error and prevents transfer of pallets when an inventory inspection is invoked through Sample Inspection Maintenance (80.22.1).
    RF Location Audit (1.4):
    Now lets users exit by selecting the End function on Reference and Alternate-UM fields during a cycle count on an empty location. Previously, users could not exit the RF without a correct entry or using an abort function.
    Now changes the status of an item status from Fail to Available when the cycle count is finished for a given item with a quantity equal to the quantity available. Previously, the status remained as Fail.
    No longer lets users enter an invalid UM. Previously, when users entered a non-existing UM, the system created a transaction.
    Now displays the Period Closed error message when users attempt to change the quantity when a GL calendar period is closed.
    RF.PO Receipt (1.8):
    Now deletes only the selected item and corresponding location detail record when the reference has multiple items. Previously, the system deleted the entire reference.
    No longer locks records.
    Now correctly displays the destination location frame in the first row when you use the put-away algorithm. Previously, the destination location frame was displayed incorrectly.
    Now correctly displays the Gen Shipper ID? Y/N prompt when users specify a blank shipper ID. Previously, the system waited for user input without displaying a prompt.
    RF.Reprint (2.2) now correctly reprints the transaction detail for a transaction number from Warehouse Transaction Inquiry (80.9.1) with Transaction Type set to I. Previously, the transaction details were printed incorrectly.
    Several improvements were made to RF Batch Pick-SO (3.1). The program:
    Now validates the Quantity field and no longer moves to the next field when the user presses the up arrow.
    No longer lets users press right or left arrow keys or hit the Enter key in the Item field.
    Now lets users change the To Lot/Serial value when the To Lot/Serial field is set to allow change in Internal Routing Maintenance (80.2.5). Previously, the system did not let users change the value in the field. This is also true for RF Batch Pick All (3.2).
    Now correctly calculates the net weight and gross weight in the header and container level of the pre-shipper when you create the pre-shipper for an item with specified net weight, ship weight, or both. Previously, the values were calculated incorrectly.
    Now correctly moves partial quantities from one container to another when users press the F7 key to invoke the move item function. The transferred quantity displays correctly in Pre-Shipper/Shipper Workbench (7.9.2).
    Now correctly moves the inventory from a previous location to the next location when you set Two Phase to No in Internal Routing Maintenance (80.2.5) for the last sequence of the internal routing and the task is closed. This is also true for RF Batch Pick (3.2) and Movement Conf. Workbench (80.8.4).
    Now correctly creates allocation details and does not delete the pre-shipper line when the system validates the transaction with a null quantity. Previously, the quantity picked was left in the user location.
    No longer creates pick details for a user location with a zero quantity when the system validates the transaction with a null quantity and Complete, Repick, Fail set to Yes in the RF Batch Picking program ( Previously, the system moved the zero quantity to the user location.
    No longer creates a negative inventory balance for a location with an inventory status when you specify that overissue is allowed and attempt to confirm the pre-shipper after a cycle-count entry. Previously, the system created a negative inventory record.
    Now correctly rolls back the transaction when users confirm the first pick task, then select the Undo and Leave function from any other pick task for items that have a To Reference set to automatically generate a new reference (option 5) in Internal Routing Maintenance (80.2.5).
    Now updates the start date, time, and user ID when users press the End function after partially confirming the sales order quantity. Previously, the values were blank.
    During RF.Containerization (3.3) functions, the system no longer locks records, and pre-shippers display correctly.
    RF Container Move (3.4):
    No longer displays error messages, informing users that it cannot change location, and now correctly moves inventory to the destination location when multiple sequences of internal routing group are specified in Internal Routing Maintenance for a container move.
    Now correctly creates and confirms a warehouse transaction and moves the inventory to the destination location when users change the destination location and an internal routing does not contain the storage location group of the destination location. Previously, the transaction was not created.
    No longer fails when you use multi-item pallets.
    Cycle Count Result Entry (3.14):
    No longer displays a locking error when users transfer the same item that was counted using the RF Transfer (1.3) option. Previously, the system locked at the Location prompt, waiting for user input for next Transfer.
    Now displays an error, informing users that the quantity on hand was changed by another user with a PICK-SO transaction, created in another RF Batch Pick-SO (3.1)session. The error displays before users enter cycle count results. Previously, no error was displayed, and cycle count completed with incorrect quantities.
    Pre-Shipper/Shipper Confirm (7.9.5) no longer creates ISS-FAS transactions with incorrect quantity when Kit component items are picked from multiple locations. Previously, the system created incorrect quantity for ISS-FAS transaction and left some quantity at the assembly location.
    Repetitive Picklist Calculation ( now rounds the transfer quantity to multiples of the quantity defined in Item Planning Maintenance (1.4.7) when you set Use Order Multiples to Yes for component items and when AIM is enabled.
    Purchase Order Receipts (5.13.1):
    Now correctly generates the next new reference (pallet) when you attempt to split a pallet. Previously, the reference was blank.
    Now performs inspection and moves inventory from the receipt location to the inspection location when the system uses the QA algorithm and you set up algorithms for purchase order receipts in Algorithm Assignment Maintenance (80.6.9). Previously, inventory was not moved for an inspection.
    Now correctly picks the inspection location defined in Whse Master List Maintenance (80.1.5) for an RCT-PO transaction and sets Multi-Entry to Yes to generate the pallet reference numbers when you set Inspection to Yes in Item Master Maintenance (1.4.1).
    Now generates pallet references with correct quantities when the system uses UM conversions, and you set Receive All to Yes during the receipt. Previously, the system generated pallet references with incorrect quantities.
    Transfer By Reference (80.17.1) no longer displays destination location errors when you use inter-warehouse transfer and have a value other than non-blank in the To Location. Previously, the error displayed and the system did not allow the transfer.
    Item-Site Maintenance (80.4.9) now lets you delete the AIM record. Previously, the Delete function was disabled.
    Movement Conf. Workbench (80.8.4):
    No longer displays the Single Item location has existing inventory message when confirming a count task with a quantity of 0 (zero).
    No longer lets you receive new items on a single-item location where other item inventory exists. Previously, you could receive new items on the single-item location.
    No longer displays cancelled transactions. It also executes the necessary site-security validation for sites in the confirmation range.
    UM Group Report (80.5.8) now only displays the UM group that is assigned to the item when you do not enter a UM Group range, but you specify an Item Range. Previously, the system displayed all UM Groups for all items.
    Quality Inspection Control File (80.22.24) now displays and updates the Create Inspection Workfile Records? field. Previously, the field did not display.
    Distributed Order Receipt (12.15.20) and Work Order Receipt (16.11) now move all pallet references to the end location when both programs operate simultaneously. Previously, the system moved some pallet references to the GIT location.
    Purchase Order Receipts (5.13.1) now properly updates the Supplier Lot field when purchase order receipts are complete for AIM-controlled items with a pallet reference. Previously, the Supplier Lot field was not filled.
    Task Re-assignment Maintenance (
    No longer lets you assign tasks to another user while a user is actively working on these tasks in RF Batch Pick-SO and displays an error if you try.
    Now displays the reassignment tasks sorted by location and item number. Previously, the reassignment tasks were displayed randomly.
    The system now correctly transfers quantity multiples, defined in Item Planning Maintenance (1.4.7), for component items when AIM is enabled and Use Order Multiples is Yes.
    Replenishment List Maintenance (80.16.1) now allows CIM loading. Previously, CIM loading was disabled.
    Pallet Constitution/Transfer (80.17.20):
    No longer prints the Identification Document when the Print ID flag is set to No. Previously, the system printed the Identification Document.
    Now correctly returns control to the To Location field when the location does not exist and an error displays. Previously, control was returned to the Site field in first frame.
    Now prints the confirmed task label only when you set Print ID to Yes or Print Confirmed Tasks to Yes in Internal Routing Maintenance. Previously, the system printed confirmed task labels.
    External Routing Maintenance (4.2.13) now displays the description for an existing record when you modify an existing record without using the arrow keys. Previously, the system did not display the description.
    Wave Replenishment (80.15.4) now correctly creates only one new pre-shipper for all sales orders with the same ship-to when New Preshipper by Wave is set to Yes in Wave Planning Control File (80.15.23).
    Sales Order Manual Allocations (7.1.6), now deletes the AIM transaction when you delete the allocation line. Previously, the system did not delete the transaction.
    Storage Location Group Maint. (80.3.1) now lets you view and modify all fields of the Storage Location Detail Frame at the same time. Previously, you had to press Go twice to modify and view the fields.
    Pre-Shipper/Shipper Confirm (7.9.5) now shows an improved performance when confirming a pre-shipper with more than 30 lines. Previously, the performance was poor.
    Order Detail Status Inquiry (80.15.9) no longer displays a Progress error when you select option P and displays the order detail lines when you select option D.
    Movement Conf. Inquiry Format (80.8.6) now correctly transfers inventory during inter-warehouse transfer for multi-item pallets when you confirm the transaction created by Transfer By Reference (80.17.1). Previously, the system did not transfer inventory for a pallet item associated with a pallet in Alternate UM (80.5.1).
    PO Shipper Maintenance (5.13.14) now creates references for a purchase order and correctly sets the Multi-Entry field to Yes. Previously, the system did not generate a reference and set Multi-Entry to No.
    Wave Selection (80.15.1):
    Now automatically deselects the sales order lines when you toggle the Enter key to deselect a sales order).
    Correctly sets the Include field of the sales order line to No when you press D (for details).
    Now selects any unallocated scheduled orders in the wave, regardless of how you set Display Only Allocated Lines in Wave Planning Control File (80.15.23). Previously, you could not select unallocated scheduled orders in Wave Selection when Display Only Allocated Lines flag was set to Yes in the control file.
    Re-Balance Expected In/Out Qtys ( no longer displays data for multi-lot items when there are no discrepancies in the From and To Location fields. Previously, the system displayed expected in and expected out quantities, even though there were no discrepancies.
    Sales Order Shipments (7.9.15) no longer updates the quantity to allocate and quantity picked for line items that are not shipped for a multi-line sales order when few lines have shipped, and AIM is enabled.
    Location Maintenance ( now defaults the value of the OPC Frequency field in Storage Location Group Maint (80.3.1) that the system uses in the location. Previously, the system did not default the value from Storage Location Group.
    The system now correctly calculates the pre-shipper for tasks that do not belong to a wave.
    Sample Inspection Maintenance (80.22.1):
    No longer displays the messages in French when you press the F1 key after entering input criteria.
    Now correctly changes the inventory status of the location to available when you change the location, lot, or reference of non-inspected items for a receipt when confirming the transaction using any of the AIM or RF confirmation options.
    Now has all inspection detail lines accessible for scrolling in the Polish environment.
    User-Work Location Group Maint (, User Printer Maintenance (80.20.7), and User-Work Location Group Maint (80.19.5) now let you input data for the Inspection Printer and Use External fields.
    Warehouse Transaction Inquiry (80.9.1) now refreshes the Shipper ID field in the Other Details frame after you view transactions with a blank Shipper ID; then view transactions in a non-blank Shipper ID field. Previously, the system retained the non-blank shipper ID.
    Generalized Codes/Domain Utility ( now generates a report showing newly created and existing generalized code records. You can now run the program in simulation mode even though an actual update does not occur. Previously, a Progress error displayed in this scenario.
    Movement Conf. By Transaction (80.8.1):
    No longer creates negative inventory for a location when confirming a PICK-WO task after a cycle recount entry when you set Overissue to No. Previously, a negative inventory record was created.
    Now correctly creates the new pre-shipper line for the shipped quantity when the quantity shipped is less than the original transaction quantity to be picked and you set Complete to No, Fail to No, and Repick to Yes.
    Unplanned Issue Request (80.17.13) now correctly updates the quantity to pick and sets the Remark field to No More when:
    The entered quantity to pick is more than the quantity available and inventory status of the location from where quantity is picked.
    Overissue set to No.
    More than one algorithm is assigned for the algorithm type
    Wave Release (80.15.5) now successfully launches the wave for an item that has an existing wave replenishment task, and you set Avoid Release Without Replenish to No in Wave Planning Control (80.15.23). Previously, the system did not release the wave.
    Location Maintenance ( now correctly calculates the capacity of a location when multiple receipts are done by all put-way algorithms. Previously, the capacity was calculated incorrectly.
    Wave Status Inquiry (80.15.2) now correctly displays the total task count for reserve, replenishment, and pick tasks, when you delete an unconfirmed pre-shipper that has an open AIM task and release the wave using Wave Release (80.15.5). Previously, the total task count was displayed.
    Location Report ( now correctly displays the value in the Location %Full field for the original To Location when you change the To location in Movement Confirmation Workbench to a different location for a stock transfer transaction.
    Transactions by Item Report (3.21.14) now correctly displays the end balance for an RCT-TR transaction when the system transfers an item from one location to another within the same site, using Transfer With Lot/Serial Change (3.4.3). Previously, the end balance was displayed incorrectly.
    Distrib Order Picklist Print (12.17.19) no longer displays an error message and creates the picking task correctly when you specify only algorithm 3 (Merge with Same Order) as the Location Find algorithm type in Algorithm Assignment Maintenance (80.6.9) and you use a single location.
    Bulk Pick Selection Approval (80.12.12) now creates transactions for all component items when some of the component items are not defined in Item Warehouse Maintenance (80.4.11). Previously, the system did not create the transactions for the component items that were not defined in Item Warehouse Maintenance (80.4.11).
    Transactions Detail Inquiry (3.21.1) now correctly displays the effective date for the issue and receipts transactions for an AIM item with a defined internal routing when you enter an effective date other than system date in Receipts Unplanned (3.9). Previously, the system displayed the effective date incorrectly as the system date.
    Generate Receipt Forecasts (80.10.1) now recalculates the location forecast when you modify the requirement in Purchase Order Maintenance (5.7), Work Order Maintenance (16.1), or Distribution Order Maintenance (12.17.14). Previously, the location forecast was not changed.
    Inspection History Maintenance (80.22.17) now displays the correct values for Quantity to Inspect and Return Quantity fields when you pass a sample or reject an inspection. Previously, the system displayed incorrect values.
    Pre-Shipper/Shipper Workbench (7.9.2) no longer lets you delete the entire pre-shipper or any of the pre-shipper lines when there is a linked RF task executing simultaneously in RF Batch Pick (3.1). Previously, you could delete all or portions of the pre-shipper under these circumstances.
    Location Maintenance (80.3.13) now correctly calculates the capacity of a location when multiple receipts are done by all put-way algorithms. Previously, the system calculated capacity incorrectly.
    Algorithm Assignment Report (80.6.11) now displays the custom algorithm and program name if you assigned a custom algorithm in Algorithm Assignment Maintenance (80.6.9). Previously, the report output was blank.
    Replenishment Request (80.16.5) now displays all inventory available to replenish. Previously, the system display only pallet inventory available to replenish.
    Work Order Receipt (16.11) now moves the inventory to the correct destination location and creates a short SO transaction history per the number of sequences defined in Internal Routing Maintenance when you set Two Phase to No for the shortage internal routing.
    Picklist/Pre-Shipper - Automatic (7.9.1) now correctly picks up the inventory by last in first out (LIFO) picking for locations with LIFO picking type when inventory details for the inventory available for picking changes in the reverse order from which the inventory was moved into the location.
    PA/LF Simulation ( now selects a proper location when you simulate a put-away algorithm for an end item and enter a lot/serial for which there is no existing inventory, but a location exists with inventory in another lot/serial for the item.
    Distribution Order Shipments (12.17.22) no longer creates a new reference with a negative quantity when you set the original reference to blank during RF Container Move (3.4) operations and you change the quantity picked. Previously, the system created a new reference.
    Purchase Order Returns (5.13.7) no longer resets Multi-Entry to No when you set the field to Yes manually after entering data in the Reason field.
    The system no longer leaves incorrect modified values in records in Movement Confirmation Workbench (4.8.7) when you attempt to modify a transaction, then press the Cancel function.