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  • Release Notes for Version 3.0.7
    QAD Warehousing Version: 3.0.7
    Release Date: June 2011
    Compatibility for 3.0.7: eB2.1 Service Pack 2 to Service Pack 4, QAD 2007 and 2007.1, QAD 2008, 2008.1, 2009, 2010, and 2011 Standard Edition (SE)
    Note: QAD Warehousing supports only the Progress database.
    Supported languages: US English, Castilian Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Slovak, Latin Spanish, Czech, Lithuanian, and Russian
    User Guide: QAD Warehousing, item 70-3154A
    Installation Guide: QAD Warehousing, item 78-0946A
    New Features
    The product name was changed from Advanced Inventory Management to QAD Warehousing in this release. Changes to this version of QAD Warehousing mainly consist of compatibility with the QAD SE 2011 release.
    This version of QAD Warehousing includes the following fixes:
    Picklist/Pre-shipper - Automatic (7.9.1) now correctly defaults Consume Req as Yes in Pre-Shipper/Shipper Workbench (7.9.2) for all pre-shippers that the system generates for the selection criteria of required scheduled orders. It also prevents re-creation of already created pre-shippers.
    The system no longer prevents next tasks from displaying in succession. An issue was corrected in which the system hard-assigned transactions, thereby preventing tasks from showing as the next task for warehouse users other than the assigned user.
    The RF Container Move (3.4) option now correctly prompts for the location if the pallet is not found in the current location.
    The RF Ship Truck (3.5) option now correctly processes distribution orders on eB2.1 from Service Pack 2 to Service Pack 8.
    When you attempt to modify an existing shipper in Pre-Shipper/Shipper Workbench (7.9.2), the program now correctly displays the Modification not allowed. Warehouse transactions exist error when unconfirmed transactions exist for the shipper. Previously, only the error number displayed.
    The RF Location Audit (1.4) option now correctly changes the item number when warehouse staff enter a new item number after scrolling down a list of items. Previously, the system did not change the item number and displayed the previous item.
    An issue with QAD Warehousing’s Labor Management (80.11) module was corrected. Previously, the Labor Management module did not consider warehousing TranD or TranH tasks for alternate tasks.
    Logistic Palletization/Transfer (80.17.17) no longer prints the identification document with the destination location as a question mark (?).
    Distributed Order Receipt (12.15.20) no longer displays a Progress error, informing you that the shared variable use-ship data was not created. It also now correctly lets you receive distribution orders when you set Multi Entry to Yes.
    Work Order Release/Print (16.6) now correctly creates a picking work order task (PICK-WO task) with the correct expected quantity when you set Allow Split to Yes for the alternate UM in which the inventory is held in the storage location group (SLG). Previously, the system created a PICK-WO task with the expected quantity truncated to the nearest integer.
    Distributed Order Receipt (12.15.20) no longer creates a default multi-entry record with a zero quantity, during a non-palleted receipt of zero quantity in the item’s default UM. Previously, the system created a default multi-entry record with zero quantity and displayed an error in this scenario.
    The RF Location Audit (1.4) option now displays the RCNT Task Created warning message when the count is out of tolerance. The program now also automatically creates the recount task. Previously, no warning message displayed.
    The system no longer incorrectly calls programs while using the Lithuanian version of QAD Warehousing.
    The system now correctly displays the shortcut key information—that is, F4=End, D=Load Details, and so on—at the bottom of the display when you select the D(etails) option in Wave Selection (80.15.1). Also, in the same program, when users select the W(orkload) option and no records are found, the system now correctly shows the workload frame.
    Transactions by Reference Inq (80.9.7) now has an improved performance when you enter non-blank values for the Reference, Site, and Warehouse fields. Previously, the performance was poor.
    Inventory Detail Maintenance (80.8.14) now displays the data in the lookup browses for the Lot/Serial and Ref fields. Previously, no data was displayed in the lookup browses for these fields.
    The RF Batch Pick-SO (3.1) option no longer rounds the actual quantity to two decimal places in the Qty field when you confirm the picking task for a sales order (PICK-SO task).
    The RF Login screen:
    No longer displays Progress errors
    Correctly displays field help when warehouse staff select the help from the Login UserID field
    Correctly displays an invalid location message when warehouse staff enter an invalid location in the login’s Location field
    Work Order Release/Print (16.6) now creates a picking task for a work order (PICK-WO task) for a partially picked decimal quantity. Previously, the system did not create the PICK-WO task.
    The .NET UI version of Item Master Maintenance (80.4.5) now correctly sets the Ref field in the Inspection Data frame. Previously, the system set the field incorrectly.
    Location Maintenance ( now correctly displays the capacity value when you define:
    More than one unit of measure as a limit for the location
    A net weight unit of measure for the item in Item Master Maintenance (1.4.1) that is same as the unit of measure defined for the location
    The RF Batch Pick-SO (3.1) option no longer displays a Progress error and no longer goes into an infinite loop in Polish versions of QAD Warehousing when translated labels are longer than English labels.
    The RF Batch Pick SO (3.1) option now correctly assigns the lot/serial number in the target location after staff pick inventory when you set:
    Scan Lot/Serial to Yes in Batch Picking Control File (80.15.24)
    To Lot/Serial to No Change in Internal Routing Maintenance (80.2.5)
    The RF Location Audit (1.4) option no longer creates a new recount task when that task is already open for an item in the same site, warehouse, and location with the same lot and reference.
    Movement Conf. By Transaction (80.8.1) now confirms a change in quantity and displays a confirmation of the quantity change when you increase the quantity. Previously, the quantity increase was accepted without confirmation.
    The RF Preship Sel Task (1.7) option no longer displays a Progress error when warehouse staff change the Loc, Lot/Serial, or Ref fields when confirming a pick task.
    The RF transfer (1.3) option now accepts more than eight characters in the Ref field. Previously, staff could enter only a maximum of eight characters.
    Cycle Count Generation (80.8.12) no longer creates cycle count tasks for items/locations for which the system already created tasks and dated the creation. Previously, the date-created criteria did not exist; therefore, the system created tasks for all items/locations.
    QAD Warehousing now works correctly with the QAD Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product, versions 6.4 and higher.
    Movement Conf. Workbench (80.8.4) now correctly displays the This Change Is Not Currently Supported error when staff modify the lot/serial and reference of the from location to an item. Previously, the system displayed an error, but the error message was incorrect.
    Logistic Palletization/Transfer (80.17.17) now correctly displays inventory information for the Lot/Serial and Ref fields lookup browses for an item in the Logistic Palletization/Transfer program.
    Batch picking functions (80.15) no longer lock due to issues with the TranD transactions.
    The system no longer displays a system error message, informing you of too many block levels, during several processes.
    The system now correctly creates sr_wkfl records, which let the system create pallets IDs when warehouse staff receive purchase orders in QAD SE environments.