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QAD Inc.

QAD Enterprise Applications: Complete Enterprise Business Software

QAD Enterprise Applications QAD Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a complete enterprise business solutions built on a deep, foundational understanding of manufacturing. QAD enterprise business software is designed to streamline the management of manufacturing operations, supply chains, financials, customers, technology, and business performance. QAD enterprise business software solutions provide manufacturers easy access to the time-sensitive information they need to plan for the future as they continue to meet daily manufacturing targets.

QAD Enterprise Applications support shared services, cross-border trade, multi-site manufacturing and multi-entity accounting. QAD Enterprise Applications include the following solution suites:

  • QAD Financials – An enterprise business software tool that gives you the ability to manage and control businesses at a local, regional and global level with solutions for accounting, regulatory compliance, financial reporting and other critical business requirements
  • QAD Customer Management – An enterprise business software tool that provides improved responsiveness through collaboration and management of customers and demand
  • QAD Manufacturing – An enterprise business software tool to enable companies to reduce costs and increase throughput using the latest manufacturing scheduling techniques, including the capability to fully support lean adoption
  • QAD Supply Chain – Includes modules that help improve the management of supply and suppliers through real-time collaboration
  • QAD Service & Support – Provides the capability for after sale service and support of products. Manages Warranty Tracking, Services Calls and Returns & Repairs
  • QAD Enterprise Asset Management – Manages the entire life cycle of capital assets from planning to installation and then preventative maintenance and repair
  • QAD Analytics – Helps companies analyze data to measure business performance in key areas
  • QAD Interoperability – Allows database portability and operating system flexibility, and works with QAD QXtend integration layer to enable access to all elements of QAD Enterprise Applications.

Shared Services – QAD Enterprise Applications allows your company to run centralized or de centralized operations as your strategic plan dictates.

Compliance – QAD Enterprise Business Software Solution is committed to providing the process controls and tools that enable an enterprise to achieve compliance with the applicable accounting, reporting and disclosure requirements .

Languages & Localizations - QAD Enterprise Business Software Solution is a multi-language application, allowing users to run multiple languages within one database and individual users may choose any supported interface language.

User Interface - QAD provides leading edge user interface (UI) technology through the QAD .NET UI, which provides a rich client framework for QAD Enterprise Applications — giving users state-of-the-art user interface features, such as ad hoc management of windows, tree view menus and drag-and-drop capabilities.

Financial Analysis
Management Reporting
Governance, Risk & Compliance
Financial Shared Services
Credit Management
Tax Management
General Ledger
Multi Currency
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Banking / Cash Management
Cost Management
Fixed Assets
Enhanced Controls
Logistics Accounting
Sales & Use Tax Connector
Customer Management
Customer Relationship Management
Sales Quotations
Sales Orders
Sales Analysis
Customer Self Service
Trade Activity Management
Product Data Management
Manufacturing Planning
Manufacturing Execution
Quality Management
Item Attributes
Automated Data Collection
Manufacturing Scheduling
Compliance Quality
Product Lifecycle Management
Advanced Planning & Scheduling
Demand & Supply Chain Planning
Demand Planning
Production Planning
Procurement Planning
Distribution Planning
Sales & Operations Planning
Supply Chain Execution
Distribution Requirements Planning
Release Management
Supplier Performance
Consignment Inventory
Transportation Management System
Supplier Portal
Service & Support
Service & Support Management
Field Service Scheduler
Mobile Field Service
Enterprise Asset Management
Project Accounting
Plant & Equipment Maintenance
MRO Management
Operational Metrics
Reporting Framework
Workflow Alerts
Business Intelligence
QAD Integrated Customization Toolkit
EDI eCommerce
QAD Managed EDI
Document Management
Output Management
Integration Suite
Process & Performance
Performance Monitoring Framework
Business Process Management
Global Reporting
Regional Reporting
Local Reporting
Local Banking Requirements
Country-specific Business Practices
Regulatory Compliance


The Shared Services capability of QAD Enterprise Applications allows multi-entity consolidations and eliminations to be performed across multiple general ledgers. The sophisticated chart of account mapping capabilities allow for different charts of account to be consolidated, and full traceability to originating transactions can be maintained, which are critical for audit ability.

Consolidation of the financial results of entities in different domains, with different base currencies and charts of account, can be achieved without the need to export and import the data. QAD's solutions support multiple or proportional consolidation and enable hierarchical reporting.

Multi Currency

QAD Enterprise Applications support multiple currencies. Accounting transactions can be recorded in any currency and reported either in the transaction currency or converted to the operation's base currency at the prevailing exchange rate. Currency reporting options allow general ledger reporting to reflect the latest exchange rate. QAD Enterprise Applications enables companies to update and maintain exchange rates at any time. All capabilities for profit and loss on foreign exchange are accommodated within QAD General Ledger reporting. Support is provided for multiple bank accounts in separate currencies.

Users can maintain and support a virtually unlimited number of currencies, and the application supports full currency dependent rounding to allow simultaneous support of different currencies. Multiple base currencies within a single database are supported by the Domain concept, and QAD General Ledger consolidation can accommodate operations running in different base currencies.

System Controls and Security

QAD has developed security and control functionality to meet strict security procedures — those required by internal corporate policies as well as mandated by governing bodies — such as the requirements of the SEC, IFRS, as well as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration 21 CFR Part 11.

  • Define and enforce security policies on password management
  • Define the threshold of failed log-in attempts that will indicate a security violation
  • Provide log-in access control and access restrictions to menu functions
  • Control password complexity and aging with configurable parameters
  • Allow administrators to force some or all users to change their password at next log-in
  • Provide enhanced intrusion detection including the ability to record all or failed log-in attempts
  • Control password composition, frequency of change and rules for reuse
  • Log all log-in events and lock accounts after a prescribed number of failed attempts
  • Provide a flexible report for investigating log-in attempts
  • Meet the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11

Multi-National Capabilities

QAD Enterprise Applications provide single-site companies and multinational organizations with a fully integrated enterprise solution that sets new standards for connectivity, functionality and ease-of-use. QAD Enterprise Applications operate factories and supply chains, manage and secure data, and provide corporate governance compliance at more than 5,500 sites in 90 countries.

QAD Enterprise Applications are available in 27 languages and can handle an unlimited number of currencies. For both single-site manufacturers with customers and suppliers in many locations around the world, and global enterprises with factories and plants in dozens of countries, QAD can provide the solutions and support to operate multi-national businesses in the most efficient and profitable manner.

QAD Enterprise Application provides single-site companies and multinational organizations with a fully integrated, core enterprise solution. QAD Enterprise Business software unify data from multiple sources across the enterprise, and delivers reporting and analysis capabilities that enhance decision making.

QAD Cloud ERP: The ERP SAAS Solution

QAD Cloud ERP is a web-based, software as a service (SaaS) solution that provides a flexible deployment alternative for QAD Enterprise Applications. QAD Cloud ERP helps customers reduce total cost of ownership and dramatically simplify the management of QAD Enterprise Applications. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) offering relieves IT management of the uncertainty, risk and often unpredictable expense surrounding delivery, maintenance and upgrades of mission-critical applications. QAD Cloud ERP meets the needs of customers of all sizes from SMB to large enterprises, and provides QAD customers with infrastructure, operations, integration and application management support alternatives.