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QAD Supply Chain Management Software

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Distribution Requirements Planning
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Supplier Performance
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Transportation Management System
Supplier Portal

Effective supply chain management boosts profitability by systematically reducing the overall costs associated with goods and services. QAD Supply Chain Management Software Solutions increase the return on your investment by using the same principles that are used in QAD Manufacturing — increase quality, speed production, and reduce costs — and extending them to your supply network. You collaborate with your suppliers in real time, improving the relationships and the overall management of your supply chain.

QAD Supply Chain Software Solutions includes:

  • Purchasing
  • Supplier Performance
  • Quality Management

Improve Supply Chain Communication: Build Valuable, Long-Term Relationships

Savvy companies establish workable relationships with trusted suppliers throughout the entire supply chain in order to purchase and transport materials and services without sacrificing quality or risking non-compliance to government regulations. Effective supply chain management does the following:

  • Streamlines the procurement process with links between planning, operations, and trading partners that support quick, reliable decision-making
  • Accommodates centralized or distributed processes for purchasing, ordering, receiving, and payment to meet the specific, ever-changing needs of local and global operations. Optimizes supplier effectiveness by monitoring and evaluating the performance of internal and external suppliers
  • Automates and manages exports, imports and transportation requirements, while ensuring that transportation needs are streamlined and operational costs are minimized
  • Maintains the global knowledge necessary to fulfill cross-border transactions within governmental and customs regulations
  • Obtains immediate, measurable cost reductions and improve operational efficiency by using an appropriate inventory management system
  • Promotes collaboration within the supply chain by providing authorized suppliers with real-time visibility of inventory, scheduling, kanban signals, and purchasing information over the Internet

QAD Supply Chain Solutions provide tools for monitoring the purchase, movement, and management of all required inventories throughout the supply chain and for effective interaction with trading partners.

QAD Supply Chain: Purchasing

QAD Purchasing manages the entire process, from requisitioning to purchase order creation, receiving, invoice payment, and the tracking of supplier performance. It supports high-volume repetitive deliveries with supplier schedules specifying date and hour of delivery. Long term plans can be shared with suppliers allowing them to order raw materials, plan production, and arrange deliveries based on accurate, reliable data.

QAD Supply Chain: Supplier Performance

Dealing with dynamically changing supplier or transportation networks and managing the underlying relationships can be tricky, even under the best of circumstances. Add technology, regulatory compliance, tracking, and global supply chains, and the challenge is raised even further. Today's global competitor needs to improve trading partner relationships in the supply chain by using applications that rapidly communicate supply and demand information and ensure accurate, efficient tracking of inventory movements and costs.

QAD Supply Chain: Quality Management

Quality Management defines and records the quality of products. This includes inspection and testing during the manufacturing process, incoming inspection of purchased items, and inventory sampling.

  • Allows users to include test instructions quickly and easily in work order documentation.
  • Test results, along with production progress information, can also be reported to the system.
  • Contains definitions of standard testing procedures.
  • Manages inventory sampling plans and quality orders

QAD also provides additional advanced, fully integrated supply chain software solutions to minimize the complexity of working with your trading partners:

  • QAD Warehousing
  • QAD Release Management
  • QAD Consignment Inventory
  • QAD Supplier Portal
  • QAD EDI eCommerce
  • QAD Supply Chain Planning including:
  • Distribution Requirements Planning
  • Enterprise Operations Planning
  • Linked Site Costing
  • QAD Transportation Management System including:
  • Freight Management
  • Global Trade Management
  • Trade Compliance

Enhance and Extend Your QAD Supply Chain Solutions

QAD also provides additional advanced, fully integrated supply chain software solutions to minimize the complexity of working with your trading partners:

QAD EDI eCommerce

Streamline EDI communications with your trading partners using QAD solutions and partnered enterprise applications. The QAD Total eCommerce Solution combines QAD EDI eCommerce with the Sterling Gentran Integration Suite, a platform for electronic messaging built on a foundation of service-oriented architecture.

QAD Warehousing (previously AIM)

Meet the requirements of manufacturing and distribution environments where powerful and flexible stock control facilities are an important part of the business process. QAD Warehousing enables customers to control the receipt, put away, storage, picking and shipping of inventory using warehouses that exist within QAD Enterprise Applications.

QAD Logistics Accounting

Obtain greater visibility and control over costs payable to third-party suppliers for the transportation of goods received into, shipped from and moved between sites.


Extend the functionality of QAD Release Management and enhance QAD Enterprise Application capabilities across a range of functions, including production scheduling, lot control, accounting, purchasing, and shipping.

QAD Release Management

Develop long-term contracts with customers and suppliers for the ongoing flow of goods through the supply chain. Communicate demand (by EDI) in the form of schedules, rather than individual order lines. As a customer, you transmit schedules to suppliers, balancing demand against what has already been received. As a supplier, you process schedules received from customers, balancing demand against what has already been shipped.

QAD Consignment Inventory

Manage and track consigned inventory received from suppliers or sent to customers — from receipt to inventory to consumption — and create triggers for payment processing. Inventory is managed from the point of view of both the company shipping consigned goods to a customer, and the company receiving consigned goods from a supplier.

Obtain the visibility and tracking required to ensure uninterrupted product availability. This solution streamlines inventory processes and simplifies payment procedures, enabling organizations to gain and keep a sharp competitive edge.

QAD Supplier Portal

Promote collaboration within your supply chain by providing your authorized suppliers with real-time visibility of inventory, scheduling, kanban signals and purchasing information over the Internet. SV speeds communication between trading partners and provides tools that support lean supply processes such as vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and Kanban replenishment. SV allows customers and suppliers view the same information providing immediate visibility of changes in schedules, ASNs, long-distance intransit shipments, and alerting to business critical issues. It provides more current information, is easier to use, and is more reliable than methods that depend on paper or emails. This paperless collaboration allows suppliers to enter shipments (ASNs) and communicate electronically with the customer. Data can be received, shared, imported and exported, with or without EDI.

QAD Freight Management

Automates the costing and levels of service for shipments made by parcel, less than truckload (LTL), truck load (TL), ocean, and air carriers—all from one integrated platform.

QAD Global Trade Management

Automates and manages exports, imports and transportation requirements, while ensuring that transportation needs are streamlined and operational costs are minimized.

QAD Trade Compliance

Avoids the costly fines and penalties associated with defaults on regulatory compliance by maintaining the global knowledge necessary to fulfill cross-border transactions within governmental and customs regulations.

Supply chain management (SCM)is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the operations of the supply chain as efficiently as possible. Supply chain management goes into improving the way a company finds the raw components it needs to make a product or service and deliver it to customers. Using supply chain management software and tools can bring greater speed and accuracy to the way a company do business.