QAD Cloud ERP for Automotive

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Nexteer is building the Effective Enterprise.

QAD Cloud ERP allows Nexteer, a tier 1 automotive supplier, to focus on innovation and quality, which is the foundation of their business.

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Solutions Built for Automotive Manufacturing

The global automotive industry is growing, and manufacturers in many regions are faced with increased production and demand for more affordable, high-quality products. There is also a deep focus on customer satisfaction. Recalls and quality-related issues can hurt original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) business. As a result, they continue to place pressure on the supply chain.

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QAD Cloud ERP enables automotive suppliers to effectively:
  • Measure operational performance based on best practices

  • Ensure quality and delivery to meet industry standards (e.g, ISO/TS 16949, MMOG/LE) across the value chain

  • Support lean manufacturing

  • Optimize the supply chain

  • Identify and reduce supply chain risk

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Are You Protecting Your Preferred Supplier Status?

In today's automotive supply chains, risk identification and management is critical to ensuring success. Failing to quickly identify and react could cost you your preferred supplier status.

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We are proud to work with...

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QAD Honored with Automotive Product Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan's research shows that QAD exhibits superior ability to stay abreast of automotive trends and incorporates relevant functionalities into its cloud ERP software.

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QAD Cloud ERP Reduces Overall Business Cost by 20 Percent

Learn how Uptime Parts met the challenge of upgrading their outdated ERP solution while keeping costs to a minimum.

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Get Results with QAD Cloud EDI

Plasan focuses on core business with Cloud EDI providing essential expertise and support

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QAD QMS Saves Time, Ensures Quality, and Reduces Risk

Find out how Cascade Engineering saved over 3,500 man hours by upgrading their software with QAD QMS.

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Do you need help meeting your MMOG/LE requirements? QAD has tools based on best practices to ensure you’re on the right track.

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"We cannot do anything without QAD."

Christophe Sib, Global IT Director, SMR


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