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Solutions Built for Consumer Products Manufacturing

In today’s culture where instant gratification drives what consumers buy, it's vital for manufacturers to stay ahead of the constant changes. Product development and replenishment life-cycles can shrink, supply chains feel the impact of every buying pattern shift, and manufacturers face tightening margins. In order to gain share and increase profit, consumer products companies must anticipate and meet customer demand on the shelf, while managing their margins and complying with ever-evolving safety and environmental regulations.

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QAD Cloud ERP enables consumer product manufacturers to effectively:
  • Deliver new products quickly and more cost efficiently

  • Take orders and configure products

  • Manage promotions, trade spending and rebates

  • Comply with product safety standards

  • Easily manage customer relationships and sales orders

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Are You Delivering?

The right product? In the right quantities? At the right location? At the right time?

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Decor Sales Increase with QAD

Learn how QAD Business Intelligence boosted sales productivity for homeware manufacturer Decor and helped transform raw data into valuable information.

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QAD Eliminates Information Silos

By implementing QAD, Royal Agio Cigars improves efficiencies and access to workforce information.

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"With QAD Cloud ERP we can expand our business."

Kendra Scott, Founder, Kendra Scott Jewelry

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