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Solutions Built for Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Food and beverage manufacturing is complex. There are many different product lines and manufacturing processes but all producers face similar challenges. Constant adjustments to product, packaging and pricing and a lack of uniformity in the supply chain mean food and beverage manufacturers must excel at inventory and supply chain management. At the same time, they must comply with ever-evolving safety and environmental regulations.

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QAD Cloud ERP enables food and beverage manufacturers to effectively:
  • Ensure timely replenishment of perishable items

  • Track raw materials to finished goods

  • Manage promotions and trade spending

  • Comply with safety and environmental regulations and manage recalls

  • Maintain expensive equipment and assets

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Moving to the Cloud Proves Premium Choice for Premium Chocolate Company

Learn how Haigh's Chocolates met the challenge of blending tradition and quality with technology for expansion.

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Haigh's Chocolates is Australia's oldest family owned chocolate maker. They've been making chocolate in Adelaide, South Australia since 1915, and are committed to the art of premium chocolate making from the cocoa bean.

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“QAD is a great fit for food and beverage companies. It has all the right tools, all the right functionality for all phases of food and beverage manufacturing.”

Andy Schmidt, IT Director, Sun-Maid

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