Timely Analytics for On-the-Spot Insight

You need a variety of trusted information to run your business effectively and to provide insight that supports strategic decision-making. QAD Analytics includes flexible built-in metrics, role-specific operational dashboards, and advanced analytics using multiple data sources.

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QAD Analytics allows you to:
  • Personalize role-based dashboards to display relevant metrics

  • Monitor business performance with built-in KPIs

  • Utilize pre-built data warehouses by business area

  • Drill down to source records for insight

  • Perform “what ifs” and simulations to catch potential issues

  • Import, use, and report data from other systems


Monitor your business performance with built-in key performance indicators.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Make better, faster strategic decisions by looking at unified data from multiple sources.
  • Mobile BI
  • QAD Mobile BI runs on any mobile device.

  • Operational Metrics
  • Make decisions for leaner and more efficient operations with a dashboard of the company’s vital signs.
  • Reporting Framework
  • Create and run forms and reports with an intuitive drag-and-drop designer.

  • Workflow Alerts
  • Ensure information flows to the responsible individuals with alerts and notifications.
Process & Performance
  • Business Process Management
  • Document, automate, manage, analyze and improve your processes.
  • Performance Monitoring Framework
  • Observe and react to performance patterns and trends over time.

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Measure Your Business Your Way

Every manufacturer is unique. That’s why QAD Analytics includes a comprehensive list of metrics to enable you to define and track your specific performance measurements. Learn how Comvita is turning data into information and making better decisions with QAD.

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Decor Sales Increase with QAD

QAD Business Intelligence helped Decor transform raw data into up-to-date sales intelligence that the field could use to gain a competitive edge.

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