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Add On Modules

QAD Interoperability solutions provide a configuration toolset that enables enterprise and trading partner applications to seamlessly interoperate with QAD Enterprise Applications in near real-time. This robust toolset leverages standard QAD business rules, simplifies the upgrade process and enables integration without coding for QAD Enterprise Applications.

QAD Disaster Recovery—OpenEdge® Replication Plus

Disasters that businesses face include the traditional natural sources of fire, earthquakes, floods, tornados and hurricanes, but by far the largest source of issues come from human factors and hardware failures.

Critical business processes are increasingly dependent on IT services. OpenEdge® Replication Plus uses data replication for disaster recovery (DR) and provides automatic, real-time data protection to minimizes the impact of system downtime during the occurrence of simple outages or catastrophes or disasters.

QAD EDI eCommerce

QAD EDI eCommerce provides a streamlined method for managing EDI communications between trading partners, QAD Enterprise Applications and other enterprise applications. Also included is an end-to-end integration broker for B2B communications, and translation and multiple options for Service/Support levels.

QAD Total eCommerce Solution, which combines QAD EDI eCommerce with the Sterling Gentran Integration Suite (GIS), supports the exchange of business documents through any EDI, Internet or file-based message format. The QAD Total eCommerce Solution delivers the flexibility to manage and maintain B2B requirements internally or through a variety of outsourcing options via our EDI Managed Services Program.

QAD Product Information Management

QAD Product Information Management (QAD PIM) provides enterprise product information management solutions that bring value and measurable results to its customers.

QAD PIM automates and manages the complete and accurate internal data synchronization process to enable perfect business-to-business commerce. We provide the automation capability for accurately updating enterprise product information including core item master data and extended attributes to ensure a perfect, consistent match between its originators and all its users.

Our solution enables the synchronization of internal product information between existing enterprise systems and data stores through automated data integration processes and between people with integrated workflow automation.

QAD QXtend

QAD QXtend is an Application to Application (A2A) integration toolset that enables enterprise applications to seamlessly interoperate with the complete QAD Enterprise Application suite without coding. QXtend serves as the “adapter” between QAD and other enterprise applications, automating critical tasks such as data synchronization and eliminating the burden of maintaining custom interfaces and manual data entry.

QAD QXtend streamlines data transfer between disparate applications within the enterprise, enabling organizations to optimize their business processes and control operational costs. QAD QXtend offers organizations a tremendous opportunity to drive efficiencies into their day to day internal business processes.

Partner Products

ACOM Document Output

ACOM EZeDocs is a form design and business document delivery system that enables enterprises to create, manage and deliver complex business documents according to their business needs.

As an alternative to preprinted forms, EZeDocs is an electronic forms software that enables companies to design and store their own electronic business form templates (purchase orders, invoices, statements, advance shipping notices and more). EZeDocs provides seamless connectivity to QAD Enterprise Applications to automatically populate these forms with the corresponding data.

BravePoint Database Utilities for Use with QAD Enterprise Applications

We know you have more important things to do than monitor a dump and load process over the weekend or stay after work to figure out what’s causing the excessive memory consumption or poor DB read performance. We know because, for years, BravePoint has been in the business of saving you time. You trust our expertise in QAD systems, so why not leverage the utilities we use to enhance the performance of the underlying database to ensure your QAD success? BravePoint utilities automate your most routine tasks – from monitoring the efficiency of your database to keeping it running in top condition; they can increase productivity, reduce downtime and make your job easier.

Minisoft - eFORMz Forms Automation

eFORMz is a powerful, next-generation, electronic forms automation solution for formatting, personalizing and delivering QAD ERP application output. eFORMz converts standard QAD print output or spool files into attractive functional documents that can be distributed via print, fax, email and the web. Our QAD customers use eFORMz to produce customized packing lists, shipping labels, barcodes, invoices, purchase orders, gift certificates, and order acknowledgements.

Since 1983, Minisoft has been delivering forms automation, document management and reporting tools to improve organizational performance and operational efficiencies.

PICS – DocLib Integrated Document and Process Management

DocLib is an Integrated Document and Process Management Solution which enables companies to streamline their business processes by replacing traditional paper based systems with electronic, workflow enabled processes. The DocLib Suite of applications provides a secure database repository, a workflow module to control business processes, a data capture engine to generate QAD transactions and a fast, efficient method of locating content throughout the enterprise

With the DocLib Workflow Module, users can create a document routing workflow that is integrated with email. The DocLib Data Capture Module allows users to generate QAD transactions from the scanned images of paper documents.

DocLib’s power to store and retrieve documents quickly, facilitate workflow driven processes and generate QAD transactions will provide your organization with a strong ROI and quick payback period.

Strategic Information Group – Validation Software and Services

The FDA and other similar global regulatory agencies require that all production and quality systems software should have documented requirements that fully define its intended use and show that when tested the systems are performing as intended.

Strategic helps you manage the mandatory validation process using our proprietary Software Validation Master Plan (SVMP), tailored specifically for your company. Our validation rationale and pre-written protocols can save your company time and money. We have performed systems validations hundreds of times so you can be confident in our skills and abilities.

Our protocols - including Installation Qualification (IQ) Protocols, Operational Qualification (OQ) Protocols and Performance Qualification (PQ) Protocols - provide documented verification that all key aspects of the software were installed, and that they operate and perform in accordance to design requirements. We then generate a Traceability Matrix, Risk Analysis and Final Report that includes QAD validation conclusions and recommendations.

Sterling Commerce - Integration 

Sterling Gentran Integration Suite provides a platform for electronic messaging, including electronic data interchange (EDI) and XML as well as enterprise application integration (EAI), all built on the foundation of service-oriented architecture.

Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) is a flexible integration platform that cuts through barriers and creates unprecedented visibility and control over collaborative processes. QAD resells and supports GIS as part of the Total eCommerce Solution to provide end-to-end EDI capability including communications, translation and business process transformation.

Stand-alone or as part of the Total eCommerce Solution, the GIS toolset includes the following major components:

  • B2B integration for data transformation and mapping
  • Communications including EDI standards and messaging protocols
  • Back-end connector adapters for ERP, messaging platforms and technology
  • B2B process management
  • B2B visibility and management
  • B2B security