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Q-Xtend Fundamentals

This four-day course will provide a solid foundation for those interested in understanding how QAD QXtend will interact with QAD Enterprise Applications, including both Inbound and Outbound functionality for handling data delivery. In addition, the course will provide an overview of all QAD QXtend features and best practices for installation, administration and usage.

Topics Covered:

QXtend/Interoperability Overview
QXtend Inbound
Overview & Installation
Configuration & Management
Receivers, Schemas
Connection Pools
Testing, Logging
Queue Manager
QDocs & QGen
QXtend Outbound
Overview & Installation
Configuration & Administration
Source Applications & Application Types
Source Application Databases
Events & Event Types
Event Groups, Domains
QDoc Delivery, Web Services
Maintenance & Monitoring
Business Objects & Profiles
Business Objects
Building, Pre-Defined- Profiles
Building, Default Profile
QAD QXtend 1.5 features

Force Publish
Generate Schemas
QXO/QXI Interaction

Intended Audience: IT and functional personnel who are interested in understanding how QAD QXtend will interact with QAD Enterprise Applications for Inbound and Outbound interfaces.

Prerequisites: Students are expected to have an intermediate understanding of Progress (OpenEdge 10), familiarity with QAD Enterprise Applications and XML and Web services technologies.

Event Type

Training Classes

Event Location

Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

Event Dates

Dec 4 - Dec 7, 2018

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