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Manufacturing Execution - QAD Standard/Enterprise Edition

The Manufacturing Execution course provides the information required to implement and operate the following QAD Enterprise Applications modules: Product Structures and Formulas, Work Centers and Routing, Work Orders, Advanced Repetitive. Discussion topics are supplemented by hands-on exercises that illustrate the concepts Topics Covered: Product Structures and Formulas: Introduction to the product structures and formulas module, Overview of key business issues, Setting up the product structures and formulas module, Operating the product structures and formulas module Work Centers and Routing: Introduction to the Work Centers and Routings module, Overview of key business issues to consider before setting up these functions, Setting up the work centers and routing module, Processing subcontract operations Work Orders: Introduction to the Work Orders module, Overview of key business issues, Setting up the Work Orders module, Using the Work Orders module Advance Repetitive: All aspects of Advanced Repetitive manufacturing Intended Audience Implementation consultants & members of implementation teams and key users Prerequisites Finance for Non Financial People, MRP/CRP or Manufacturing Planning; basic knowledge of QAD Enterprise Applications as it is used in business; working knowledge of the manufacturing industry in general. For those bringing laptops the VTMS Browser Readiness Test is required prior to attending class. Training Guides used: Product Structures and Formulas; Work Centers, Routings & WO Subcontracting; Work Orders; Advanced Repetitive Scheduling; Shop Floor Control. Upon completion students will be able to: Analyze some key business decisions before setting up the product structures and formulas module Set up and operate the product structures and formulas module Understand some of the essential terminology related to work centers and routings Set up the Work Order Control File in QAD Enterprise Applications.

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Training Classes

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Santa Barbara, California

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Mar 11 - Mar 15, 2019

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