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2019 QAD in the News

QAD News / July 18, 2019

The auto supply chain: uncertainty on the cusp of a revolution

Earlier this year, the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) partnered with Thomson Reuters to survey automotive supply chain professionals in the Asia-Pacific region about challenges facing the industry between now and 2025. read more

QAD News / July 16, 2019

The right supply chain ingredients

Steffen Grill, head of IS at Wander AG, discusses how the company's IT estate helps it to run an agile and efficient production, warehousing and distribution regime. read more

QAD News / July 16, 2019

QAD scores repeat success in Thailand

QAD has announced that DDK (Thailand) Ltd will upgrade its ERP solution to QAD Adaptive ERP. Adaptive ERP is the new name that QAD has given to the latest version of its ERP software. read more

QAD News / July 12, 2019

What Could Blockchain Technologies Mean for the Medical Device Industry?

Blockchain offers a number of potential use cases, but there are some challenges to overcome. read more

QAD News / June 28, 2019

Cloud ERP for Food and Beverage Manufacturing: Let the Systems People Manage the System

In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing environment, IT organizations are being asked to do more with less. read more

QAD News / June 24, 2019

Manufacturing Disruption is Here. Will Your Company Survive?.

Manufacturers can miss opportunities to adapt and this can lead to underestimating disruptive trends or missing opportunities to respond. read more

QAD News / June 21, 2019

Introducing QAD Adaptive Applications

QAD Adaptive Applications is a portfolio of flexible solutions for manufacturers, with QAD Adaptive ERP at its core. Founded in 1979 by Pamela Lopker, QAD has always set out to provide an integrated system, laser focused on manufacturing. read more

QAD News / June 06, 2019

OEM Panel Weighs in on New MMOG/LE Version 5 Assessment at Upcoming Supply Chain Summit

AIAG is launching its MMOG/LE Version 5, and long-time, award-winning AIAG volunteer Terry Onica has been on the frontlines in implementing updates and training on the new platform, which will replace the prior Excel assessment. read more

QAD News / May 16, 2019

The Rise of the Adaptive Enterprise: Takeaways from QAD’s Explore 2019

Last week I spent two days at QAD’s Explore 2019 conference. The first day of this annual event was filled with keynotes from executives covering the company’s product capabilities and roadmap as well as overall marketing messaging activities. It was robust with customer discussions and offered opportunities to interact with key company executives. read more

QAD News / May 16, 2019

Flexible ERP: three disruptive forces that make agile ERP necessary for manufacturers

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, global manufacturers face disruption in every aspect of their business. Customer expectations for products and how they are delivered, serviced and invoiced are changing exponentially. Emerging technologies cause significant disruption in manufacturing, affecting sales and customer service models, operations, supply chain and overall strategy. read more